Monday, April 30, 2007

Another Monday, another post about books...

Here are a few books we have been enjoying by author
Eve Bunting:

This is a cute story about 3 little mice who go searching for "the best present of all"
for their Mother's Day gifts.It has illustrations by Jan Brett.

This story with illustrations by David Diaz is about a family returning home to Mexico
from California to visit family for Christmas.The parents talk of returning "home",
but the children don't think of Mexico as home and do not understand why their parents do.

This is a delightful story about a little girl and her Dad buying flowers to plant in a window box for her Mom's birthday surprise. It has colorful illustrations by Kathryn Hewitt and is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Illustrated by Susan Meddaugh, this is a funny story about a Dad trying almost anything to get his daughter to nap before her Mom gets home. You can guess who actually falls asleep.;-)

Lovely watercolor illustrations by Ted Rand bring to life this story about a "secret place" in the city where a river flows and wild animals live or gather that "hardly anyone knows about".


Kaber said...
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Kaber said...


You have been linked to in my latest post.....

Angela, MohterCrone said...

I just love these posts. I am teaching a storybook & craft class for the K-2 at the learning center next year, and you and Nina are supplying so mnay ideas! Thank you!

nina said...

I love Eve Bunting. We read her book Anna's Table last week. I read the bio in the back of the book. She didn't start wrting books until she was 40 and at the time of Anna Table (2003) she had published over 200 books. Amazing. Gives me hope.

I don't know where Monday went. I mean really, I was shocked to realize just now that it is Tuesday. I now need to bookmark all the Bunting books. :)

Fun Mommy of 2 said...

Looks like you guys had a fun and full weekend. I couldn't believe it when dh said it is May. May??? I am so not prepared LOL.
I love the pics of P. She looks like she had a great time.

Kate in NJ said...

Thank you all!
Nina...Anna's Table is why I took out Eve Buntings books- our library doesn't have that one though :-(
so I took out all the
Yas- I can't believe it's May either!
Angela..I'm glad to "help" you
you give me so much inspiration!

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Plato said...

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