Monday, April 16, 2007

Very wet in the Garden State!

We stopped counting the water at about 250 gallons.
Farmer Dad started using the wet vac at 8am on Sunday
and we were at it pretty constantly until 1 am. I borrowed
one from my Grandmother so we could get more up quicker.
It just kept raining. They said if it had been snow it would have been
55 inches plus. Hopefully life will return to normal here tomorrow.
I will post updated pictures of Princess's seed development and
a book post. Hopefully we will not get too much more rain,
too quickly and it will stay out of our basement!


wisteria said...

Was this 250 gallons in your house? Yikes! I knew you were getting lots of rain, but that takes it to a new level. Are there pictures?

nina said...

Oh I do hope you dry out soon. You seem to be taking it in stride. I would be reduced to tears. Our school room is in the basement and everytime I hear stories of basement flooding I think I should convert my dining room to the school room. Take care.

Angela, MotherCrone said...

Sharing in your back pain, as that is where mine is from bending over the shopvac. Ugh! Can I tell you how much I just want a warm spring day right now? Yes, I am certain you understand!

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks Gals.
We are drying out slowly but surely.
Angela, my back is only one of my sore spots today.;-)
Nina, I keep telling myself we are fine. This storm was deadly to many.
Of course if we lost anything..I'd be whining, I'm sure. ;-)
Wisteria, I only wish we had a couple of pictures,now that it's over.
Especially of Portia working the wet vac!

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