Monday, January 25, 2010

Rainy days and Mondays

Do they make you sad? Not me, I love Mondays.

Farmer Dad goes back to work, it is the one day a week

there is nobody at our house other than Princess and myself.

Jammy Day!! Today, Princess has an earache. Her first,ever.

It is raining here in our corner of the Garden State.

Normally I love the rain too.

We were going to do a bunch of school work, but, Princess

is sleeping on the couch. In a weird, half sitting head held up by the cushions kind of way.

There will likely be no "school" here today. I will make her some chicken soup and

get her a "bendy" straw for her water cup. Maybe a new coloring book? Some glitter for later?

We'll see how the day unfolds, I know for sure that my adult only lunch has been cancelled,

and the school work that I thought would have us ahead in our week, will not happen.

Maybe I will use the time to finish cleaning up my blog links..I have some awesome new ones to share. I have posts that need to be posted, they are waiting for the links to be added etc...

maybe I will finish reading my borrowed book...right now I will pour myself another cup of coffee

and put the towels in the dryer. I have to make another batch of laundry detergent, and

I am going to try to make English Muffins this week. I may even get my daily exercise in a bit later..when she is not sleeping on the

I hope wherever you are, if anyone is reading this, you will enjoy however your day unfolds.

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