Monday, April 9, 2007

National Gardening Week

Here in the Garden State we will be learning more about Gardening to celebrate
National Gardening Week.I have listed some books on Yesterday's post that we
will be using today.We will be starting some seeds and planning our garden pots.
Here are some links I like for gardening with kids:




I am posting some pictures of Princess counting out her sunflower seeds,
she then divided them equally into the (3) containers she had and then she
decided how many seeds she needed to plant in each pot(1) and how many
she would be planting total(3).We put the others back into the packet, she planted
them and then made plant markers for her pots. We also started soaking some beans for
Thursday and we put two bean seeds in paper towels like in the book
One Bean by Anne Rockwell. I will put those pics on the side bar.
We also read a couple of "garden themed" poems and colored pics to go with them.
We will be doing an experiment on Thursday as well.
If you want to do it with us, you will need
the following:
clear plastic jar(s)
paper towels
presoaked bean or corn seeds
I will post the directions Thursday with pictures.

Here is one of the poems:

Little Seeds

Little seeds we sow in spring,
growing while the robins sing,
give us carrots,peas and beans,
tomatoes,pumpkins,squash and greens.

And we pick them,
one and all,
through the summer,
through the fall.

Winter comes,then the spring, and then
little seeds we sow again.

Else Holmelund Minarik

from Read Aloud Rhymes For The Very Young
selected by Jack Prelutsky and illustrated by Marc Brown


Fun Mommy of 2 said...

I wish I had the space, time, and knowledge to garden LOL. It sees like I kill everything. That is one of my goals is to learn to grow. I wish I was near to taste those carrots. You guys are soooo lucky!!!

Angela, MotherCrone said...

Can I tell you I am drooling over your gardens? Just wanting ot reach out and run my fingers through that soil. (I know, I'm weird!) We are waiting ever so patiently for the weather to warm again. I am worried about all the buds!

Kate in NJ said...

Yas, try growing some carrots in a tub.
Angela...I know just what you mean.
I don't think it's weird to want to
run your fingers through the soil, I just think it's weird when people
don't want to tough it!lol
Maybe I'm just weird too?

Kira said...

Hi Kate!
Thought I'd drop in a say hello! I love this gardening post ~ We've been looking at the pics in Carol Lerner's book 'My Indoor Garden' recently so it was fun to see your copy of her 'Backyard Garden' on your post.
Take care,

nina said...

This is such a great post. I clicked on the photo with My Backyard Garden. The book looks beautiful. I ordered it from the library. Then I see Kira's message, and try and order My Indoor Garden. Rats...."User has too many holds", I will have to check that one next week. You can really tell how much you love gardening and plants. Your lessons sound like so much fun. One Seed is waiting for me at the library. Wednesday is our big library day. I think we will do the experiment from One Seed.

Great poem and math lesson. And now I want to plant sunflower seeds in cups. The plant sticks are adorable.

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Plato said...

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