Sunday, April 29, 2007

Community day at the Zimmerly

One of the local art museums near us had a "Community Day" for our town on Sunday.
We had a lot of fun making butterflies and flowers out of coffee filters and sketching
in the wing that houses the "Original Illustrations for Children's Books"(I was thinking of Nina).
We saw some Hispanic Dancers and even learned a few steps.
We missed the storyteller, because Princess was tired of sitting and being quiet.
She wanted to wander around more and make more art. Her favorite pieces were the really large paintings by Natvar Bhavsar. They have a scavenger hunt
to encourage the kids to really look at the art, but this time she did not want to do it.
She did spot a box filled with kites in with the "prizes" the kids can pick from if they finish the hunt,
so maybe that will be enough to entice her next time.We'll be back there next week for the annual "Family Day".
We dropped Princess off at my sister's for their weekly dinner together which also includes going for ice cream and I got to go
to the library to pick up some new books.

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