Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year end

This has been a year filled with days..365 of them.
We did stuff every day...I can not remember most of the stuff
we did, but it was a lot of stuff. I was a really bad blogger this past year,
so there is little evidence of such accomplishments here in our little corner of
the blogosphere, so you will have to trust me on this. Stuff occurred every single day.
Some of it was incredibly inventive and creative. Some of our days were fit for
publishing, with lovely sun dappled photos and joyfully smiling faces.
Some, well, some were not so lovely. Some did not need to be blogged about to be remembered.
Some, well, some were best forgotten along with the end of the Giants football season this year
and what we had for dinner last Wednesday. That is life. We all start off with good intentions,
big plans, high aspirations. In the end...we hope our loved ones remember the good times
and forget the bad. The Leprechaun's Treasure Hunt on St Patrick's Day, the Easter Egg Hunts,
the t-shirts made with love as a Birthday Party favor. And the week (yes..shameful am I)
that I kept forgetting to put the tooth under the pillow for the Tooth Fairy to pick up will be
forgotten along with the yelling and Barbie shoes that have been vacuumed up from the living room rug. I know this will not come as a shock to any of you who know me, even if it is only here
at this blog. I am not anywhere close to perfect, I am human. I try to be a good parent.
I really do. Sometimes I hit the ball out of the park, and the crowds (all 6 of
go wild! Sometimes, well...sometimes I wonder what I was thinking even having a child, let
alone homeschooling her. There. I said it. I have doubts. Are any of you feeling that way?
Have you been there before? This has been a year filled with change and upheaval for me.
It all started with a new cycle for me as a person.A whole new 7 years to change from
who I have been to who I will become. It is also my 7th year as a Mom. Which means my
little Princess has been undergoing some major turbulence as well.We started out with all of her baby teeth, and now she has adult teeth. Adult teeth! She gets taller every day.
She reads almost entirely independently from me. It is more and more rare to have her ask me
to spell something or tell her what a word is. She has her own taste in music and her own sense
of style. She knows what she wants and will not be deterred from her plan.
This year did not go "as expected", but go it will. Tonight. At midnight we will celebrate
the "New Year". 2010. I am not someone who makes New Years Resolutions, I am
already a gal who is likely to
"over think" my choices and like Anais Nin, who said,
"I made no resolutions for the New Year.The habit of making plans of
criticizing and sanctioning and molding my life is too much of a daily event for me."
New Years Resolutions, much like New Years Partying, is all just "amateur night".
I thank you all for being part of our lives this past year, and welcome you to join us
in 2010. There are plans afoot, giveaways, fun activities, and well, I may even write a blog post or two worth reading once in a while.
Happy New Year!! ((hugs)) Kate in NJ

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cousins and Snow Days

Friday was another Camp Katie Day here in our corner of the Garden State.
The girls worked on Gingerbread Houses.

We watched my Great-Nephew as well while his Mom worked. He loves "Mack and Rubay".

Bella and X-man
Me and my Great-Nephew.....

Saturday afternoon we finally put up our tree and Princess decorated it.

Saturday night the snow storm arrived, cancelling plans we made with friends.
Princess helped Farmer Dad shovel out.

Neighborhood Lights...

Sunday was a perfect snow day in the backyard..

After we warmed up inside, I left for some Christmas shopping.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Camp Katie Day Goodness

We have been making a lot of Christmas crafts during our "Camp Katie" days here in
our corner of the Garden State. Peanut making a stocking
Julie making her stocking

Bella working on her stocking

The girls love to gather around the table for craft time.

Princess making a Christmas Tree

I give them the supplies, show them how to do the craft I have in mind, and then I back off and let them have at it.

Julie making her tree. Sometimes, they all make the craft the "way" I tell them...
sometimes I try to roll with it and encourage them to enjoy the process
rather than worry about the end result. I can not remember the last time there wasn't glitter
and scraps of construction paper all over my house, but they enjoy it and that is better than a clean house any day. At least that is what I tell myself at the end of the day.
I will try to post more of what we have been doing the meanwhile,
I hope that however you celebrate this time of year, you are finding the joy in
crafting some magical memories with your little ones.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

We survived our First Emergency Room Visit

Sorry we have been gone so long...I have been sick..nothing major.
A cold..lost my voice..very frustrating. Friday we had a lovely Camp Katie Day,
which I will write about later, as we said goodbye to Bella and Julie, Princess
drove her "big wheel" around the side of the house and directly into Farmer Dad's parked truck
which was parked there while he replaced a few sections of our fence.
She ran into the house, and I found her holding what was a white hand towel to the top of
her head. Have you ever seen how much blood comes out of a child's head wound?
Peanut ran out back to get Farmer Dad and he drove all four of us to the ER.
We live pretty close to three major hospitals, so we were there quickly.
The ER docs decided after we were there for a couple of hours, that she needed
4 staples in her head. Yes, FOUR STAPLES in my babies head.
We have been extremely fortunate that this is the first ER visit for us, in fact she has
only had one sick visit to the pediatrician in 7 years. The two girls were so well behaved,
waiting and waiting all afternoon. To be fair, the children's section of the ER had a lot of books
and a tv with Cartoon Network playing, so it wasn't the worst wait in history...but they were so good. I still can't believe that they only asked how much longer after we were done and waiting for the paperwork. They flushed out her wound with something that was icy cold...P was not happy..she cried and complained a bit. The screams when they did the staples was the hardest thing I ever had to sit through. Within ten minutes she was skipping down the hall singing"Follow the yellow brick road".. (there was a yellow design on the floor) and she sang
Bon Jovi songs all the way home at the top of her lungs. We refrained from complaining even though our adult nerves were shot, because we were both happy she was as obnoxious as always. The girls asked for a treat for their good behavior, Burger King.
You better believe they got it. She has acted completely normal since, and it has not slowed her down at all. Monday she needs to see her Pediatrician and the staples will come out in 5-6 days.
I did take a picture of her staples when we got home that night, but I haven't uploaded them, and have no idea where I put my camera cord, so I will upload tomorrow.

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