Sunday, April 29, 2007

Cook Organic Garden Club Community Garden

On our way to Ag Day, we had to stop off at Farmer Dad's plot in the Community Garden to
drop off some compost and plant some beans,sunflowers and other plants that he grew, that would not fit in our little garden at home.Princess was not very happy as she wanted to get to the Ag Fest, not "do chores". It made sense to do so however,because the Community Garden is at the same location as Ag Day.This is the first year Farmer Dad has worked a plot here, and he only has one row dug up so far.The weather just hasn't been cooperating on the days he has available to work on the plot. Here are a couple of pictures of this "work in progress"....


Kaber said...

looks like a fun project!!

nina said...

Great photos. Farmer Dad looks very happy to be digging in the dirt and spending time with his little girl. I am glad the weather was nice for Ag Day. Look forward to more photos from your "farm."

Kate in NJ said...

Fun for him..too much work for me,lol.
I'm content with our little plot,
although we planted pumpkins there
which we have not had room for at home lately, so I'm liking it!
Nina, We all love to "play in dirt",
lol, but lately P has been afraid of wasps and bees because she says they
are hunting her down to sting her.

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