Saturday, April 14, 2007

Getting Ready

Today we have spent getting ready. We are getting ready for the storm
they say is headed our way...we are getting ready for my birthday tomorrow
and the family who will come to have cake and coffee...we are getting ready
for the week ahead by cooking up some Princess size frittatas and zucchini bread
and banana muffins and on and on we go.I will post a photo of our heart shaped banana
muffins and leave you with a poem .

Rain is good
for washing leaves
and stones and bricks and
even eyes,
and if you hold
your head just so
you can almost see
the tops of skies.

Lucille Clifton


nina said...

You are so good to Princess. I never bake! Happy Birthday and enjoy the cake.

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks Nina!
We are holding off on the cake until
next weekend I think, due to the Nor'easter that's hitting today!!

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Plato said...

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