Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Happy Lei Day!

Today is "Lei Day" in Hawaii and so Princess and I will be wearing our leis and
practicing a bit of hula in our living room. It is also the "birthday" of Cheerios (1941) and
"May Day". Flowers from coffee filters anyone? Maybe even a paper cone to put them in?
I do not feel "prepared" for May. I do not have my "spring-summer" clothes out yet,
I have not nailed down a "full lesson plan" for the month. I have not finished my "spring cleaning"
and I am just plain bummed out by circumstances beyond my control today.
This week is also "Wildflower Week" and "Family Week", so go plant some wildflower seeds with your family!


nina said...

Happy Lei Day to you. You do such fun things with Princess. I wish Citcat would respond the way P does. I hope you feel more in control and more organized soon. I so dislike that feeling.

Angela, MotherCrone said...

I am feeling the same sort of overwhelming stress rising myself. The only thing we have accomplished for spring is turning the page on the calendar. Everything is waiting and out of kilter, and with so many big changes looming I am even more anxious.

Truth...it will all get done, and I'm going to try hard not to sweat it! Hope you can do the same!

Kaber said...

what a lot of special thimes you have going on over there!
I am not prepaired either... but I did get the box of summer clothes out and sorted through.. but it;s too early to get rid of the winter clotes totally..

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Plato said...

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