Friday, April 23, 2010

Baby Squirrels

We share our little corner of the Garden State with many creatures, both great and small,
including hawks, owls, ground hogs (aka wood chucks),Opossum,chipmunks,rabbits, cardinals,
blue jays,and squirrels.Today I want to share some photos of our newest neighbors...two baby squirrels.

We could spend hours watching them rough house and cuddle.
We assume they are brothers, because that is how they act.

Both girls go running out into the backyard when we hear them in the flower bed
outside the kitchen window. This Cedar tree is where they live..the other day we watched them carrying bits and pieces to the nest.

They are adorable and a unit study is underway. Isn't Spring wonderful?

Friday, April 16, 2010

My Birthday

Yesterday was my BIRTHDAY !!
I woke up to a new (to me) amber depression glass pitcher filled
with flowers from Farmer Dad and Princess..Then my NLCP brought her little Peanut and a bottle of wine and special olives
for my Birthday dinner. My other bestest friend brought one of her girls over
and the girls decided to draw pictures outside for me. Farmer Dad took
a vacation day so he was puttering around all day (there he is watering and weeding).My brother in law, his wife, and their lovely daughter drove down from Long Island
to see me and brought me some gorgeous earrings for my Birthday.(Thank you!!!)The girls all played while the adults enjoyed some bloody marys on what was a lovely spring day.Farmer Dad cut some lilac from the tree in the back corner for us to enjoy.The cute!!
My girlfriend picked up the lovely Bella, and brought me a Starbucks gift card(thank you!!)
The in laws left to visit Nana and Farmer Dad took the girls to pick out a Birthday cake
and I relaxed with a favorite book and a cup of tea on the porch.
Using my lovely (new to me) vintage melmac I picked up on freeycle.My Birthday cake.....Dinner was pizza (not cooked by me) and good company...My NLCP and Peanut.. I am lucky to have family and friends who e-mailed and called all day
raining love and happiness down upon me, and any day that ends in
chocolate cake ends well in my book. If you didn't celebrate yesterday,
take a moment today to have a bit of chocolate or anything else that
makes you it for me. ;-)

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