Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Camp Katie Day 2

This week's Camp Katie Day theme was Johnny Appleseed.
The girls had a lot of fun with it, with the exception of my daughter,
who told Peanut's Mom at the end of the day that it was "lame".

I had the table set up for them when they arrived, with print outs
in ziploc bags at each place setting. I wrote their names on them,
and we will re-use them each Monday. This is what they had inside..

I had other stuff ready to go, but did not want them to feel over whelmed, this is supposed to be fun, not stressful. It's Camp Katie Day after all.We had apple slices, and apple juice for snack, and the girls all had lunch together.I use these glasses for the girls each week, and write their initial on a square using a wax pencil that is meant for the freezer. It stands up to their hands, and washes off easily with my dish cloth.The girls did have plenty of free time before and after the table work.

Lincoln logs, board games,dress up, and play food were all enjoyed,

they even ran around outside, which meant ice cream cones were needed to cool off.

I think we have some Happy Campers here!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

National Public Lands Day

Today is the 16th annual National Public Lands Day. Over 2,000 sites are hosting over 2,300 service projects on public lands across the nation. Projects will range from clearing out invasive weeds, planting trees, working on trails to restoring historical artifacts and even clerical work. Many sites are embracing the theme of water this year and are focusing on water restoration and management. Have nothing to do? Check out this link and participate near you.

Today is also Princess's 7th Birthday. Many friends and family are disappointed that I have

decided to forgo the annual Big Blow Out, but I just don't have it in me this year.I am sure the day will loom bright and clear of sky and all will say it would have been a perfect day to be in our backyard. Maybe next year peeps. This year we are spending the day in our favorite National Park just the three of us. If the weather is crummy, we will be eating pizza at our favorite movie theatre just the three of us. Princess will get a small party with her homeschool group next week. I will post pics of all we do in the next couple of days. This has been a year of great growth

for her. The little baby is no more. I will not dwell on that too much. There is no need, and I am far too busy enjoying the young girl she is now. It is not easy being the Homeschooling Mom of a Magical Fairy Princess such as ours...but it is the most important job I have ever had.

So let's make the world a prettier place today..go pick up some trash in honor of National Public Lands Day! Tell them Princess sent you. ;-)

If you love our National Parks as much as we do, please don't miss

It looks like it's going to be fabulous!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Hunger Action Month

How often during any given day do you hear "Mom, I'm hungry!!" ?
It numbers in the hundreds here in our little corner of the Garden State.
I am lucky, as is Princess, that when I hear that, I can whip up a snack or meal that will
take care of our immediate needs for food. But I often wonder how it would feel if I could not provide enough food for my child.
Something my Mother had to deal with often in my childhood.
In case you were blissfully unaware,September is Hunger Action Month.

According to a new survey released on September 14, 2009 by Feeding America, the nation's largest domestic relief charity, food banks across the nation are reporting that the current recession and the continuing rise in unemployment are having a profound effect on their ability to feed millions of Americans living at risk of hunger.
Ninety-nine percent of all participating food banks reported a surge in demand for emergency food assistance over the past year.
Some of the areas hardest hit include Asheville, North Carolina; Fort Myers, Florida; Kansas City, Missouri; Minneapolis; and food banks in South Carolina, Mississippi and Colorado.
The report tells us that ninety-eight percent of food banks see the increase as particularly driven by first-time users of the food assistance system .Fifty-six percent of food banks reported that they are seeing more children as clients. Vicki Escarra, president and C.E.O. of Feeding America,said “This is especially sobering when you consider that our network of 205 food banks delivered a record-breaking amount of food and groceries this past year–more than 2.6 billion pounds between July 2008 and June 2009 – which was an increase of 21.4 percent over the previous year.”

There has also been an all time record of participation in the Supplemental Food Assistance Program (SNAP formerly the Food Stamp Program), the largest of the nation’s federal nutrition programs, 35 million recipients in June 2009—a 22 percent increase over a year prior. Child nutrition programs are currently set to expire on Sept. 30, 2009, and Congress will be considering whether to extend current levels of funding or increase funding in the coming weeks.
“This survey underscores the importance of Congress providing more funding for Child Nutrition programs this fall and supporting President Obama’s pledge to end child hunger by 2015,” said Escarra. “It is both tragic and unacceptable for anyone in this nation to go hungry, but we are especially concerned for the 12 million children living in food insecure households and suffering long term consequences as a result. Recent research has shown that children in food insecure households have difficulty learning and are less likely to become healthy, productive members of our society.”

Need more info on who the hungry are? Look here.

September is Hunger Action Month, please stop in at Feeding America and find out what you can do to help.

Need help yourself? Click here.

Don't need help yourself, but feel a need to help?Click here.
Now, I am going to put on some happy music, and go do the breakfast dishes with joy in
my heart, because the very existence of a full sink of dishes means we have enough to eat.
Today, I will try to remember to be thankful for that.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Campers at Camp Katie Day 2009

We had our first official Camp Katie Day with our "new campers".
Everyone got their official "Camp Katie Day" T-shirts, and then we
had everything from painting, bead necklace and bracelet making,
harvesting of figs and raspberries, free play (lots of free play!)
Looks like we have a whole new "crop" of Happy Campers!!

Saturday is Princess's 7th Birthday, and that means Monday is the Official start of the school year here in our little corner of the Garden State. Every Monday will

be "Camp Katie Day"here in our Garden State Homeschool, as all four girls will be here.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Last day of Summer

Farmer Dad took Princess down the shore to visit his Mum
on Sunday, giving me some much needed "me" time.
I didn't even use it to do laundry or school planning.
They took a ride over to the boardwalk for some fun on the rides
before they shut down for the season.
They went on all the rides, Princess made a friend.
they went on a bunch of rides together..

There was a parade...
As they were leaving they ran into our homeschool friends, so
they stayed and went on the rides again. And joined them for lunch.Princess said she almost lost her lunch on the roller coaster..
A walk on the beach is a must before heading home...

Princess enjoyed some cotton candy with her Nana before the long drive home.I am glad Farmer Dad brought the camera with him. What a nice way to spend the last full day of summer!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Filling up our corner of the Garden State

These photos are from the last two days, in no particular order...

Monday we had Princess, Peanut and Jules,
Tuesday we had Princess, Peanut and Bella
The next three days will be just Princess and Peanut, but next Monday will be our first official
Camp Katie Day of the season, because all four girls will be here. How did it go?

Honestly? So far, so good. ;-)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The return to school

Everybody is doing it. The buses were lined up this week. Traffic has returned.

Peanut and I watched the little girl next door have her "first day" photos taken as she got on the

bus for the first time. Her parents were teary eyed as they walked back to the house.

Princess was still sleeping, so she missed it entirely.lol

Our friends are all back to school now. Normally Princess would be missing them,

but since we get Peanut most days, no complaining. They love being together.

They play well all day, exploring the backyard, designing great world's of fantasy play

all over the inside and outside of the house. Barbies, coloring books, Legos,puzzles, blanket

forts,tea parties. Princess is teaching Peanut everything she knows. Sorry Naomi. ;-)

We will not start our pre-k and 2ND grade curriculum until after Princess's birthday.

I like to wait until Autumn officially starts.Suck the last bit of fun out of Summer.

If you asks my family, they'd probably tell you that is exactly what I do all year long.

Suck the fun right out. lol My mood has been improving slightly.

Exercising regularly has made a huge difference in my life. I'm not just talking about

my huge tush getting smaller either.lol My stress level has gotten smaller.

Or maybe the muscle that allows me to deal with it all is just getting bigger, or at least

stronger. ;-) I am getting my little homeschool ready for the new season, and will be back

with more regular posts soon. We are going to have a FUN year here in our little corner of the Garden State, so stay tuned. I will be having more product reviews, give aways, and craft ideas

and fun in the kitchen ideas. There will be books to share and fun ways to celebrate the fun holidays through out the year. I hope you will all stick around for it.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The weekend was filled with Birthday Parties

Saturday we had a Birthday Party for one of our Homeschool Group
girls. It was a beautiful day filled with good friends, and good food.

E. and her Dad.
Singing "Happy Birthday" to L. It was at a local swim club.
Princess had a blast swimming and playing with everyone.
Miss L. takes the kids on a nature walk....
Miss R. and her girls, C, and E playing horseshoes. Princess hydrating...

We arrived late, stayed late, and L and Princess had a blast
being two of the last kids in the pool.

Sunday found us swimming again at M's 6th Birthday party.A & E and their kids, M and J...E, always cooking....Monday was spent quietly at home, just the three of us, but Tuesday found

Princess and I visiting the "House of the Rat", lol to celebrate the birthdays

of two more girls from our Homeschool Group. Bella and Julie.I have to say, we had a lot of fun. The kids were able to go off and play and the Moms,

and B & J's Dad, got to have nice adult conversation. We even did a little planning

for the new "school" year.

Happy, Happy Birthday Everyone!!! We had so much fun partying with you all!

Have I mentioned lately what a nice group we have in our homeschool group?

Truly sanity saving for me!

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