Sunday, April 29, 2007

Photos from Ag Day

We had a wonderful time at Ag Day,
and Princess enjoyed walking around
and listening to the music.We were fortunate enough to run into several good friends
and even got invited home for dinner!
The weather was lovely, the food was good and the kids had a great time "meeting" all the animals.


Patience said...

By the time she's 6 she'll probably be over her desire. But I'll tell you that chickens are lovely pets. I had two and I used to cuddle them and play with them. (I raised them from eggs.) I was thinking of getting one for my dd, but with the spectre of bird flu out there, I thought it was unwise to get a pet we might have to send away in a couple of years' time, as we recently had to do with our beloved cat. But if you are less paranoid than I am, chickens are more hardy and just as cuddly as rabbits.

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks Patience, chickens kind of
scare me (don't know why)..I'm trying to work on it because my DH has been thinking about it a lot lately.
The bird flu thing worried me too.
Ag Day really got her back on the bandwagon for another animal(we have a cat and fish now) it's pigs...but since her Dad showed her how the cute little pink piglet grows up into the BIG PIG, she is back on

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Plato said...

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