Tuesday, July 31, 2007

As July ends...

We had a very quiet day here today. We played, and sang, and danced
and we colored and put puzzles together and made a batch of cupcakes.
Some regular size and some minis. I like to keep a batch on hand for those
"special occasions" that happen as we go through our day to day life.
By now you all know how I like to celebrate at the drop of a hat!
(could be the birthday of a friend or family member
who live too far away to celebrate with,
an author whom we enjoy reading...national cupcake day)
Don't think I won't find an excuse for cupcakes!
I make a batch (or two) every few months, and we freeze them.
Then I can pull them out whenever we "need" them and we decorate accordingly.
I didn't take a picture of our baking day, so here is a random one of Princess and some
of her friends enjoying "decorate your own cupcake" at her 4th birthday party.
It was a big hit with the adults as well.
In the evening we joined some family at my Godmother's house for cake for her birthday.
She surprised Princess with a gift of a coloring book and crayons (we are not allowed to bring her gifts)
so we colored when we got home as well. It was a nice day.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Brunch Play date

Today we had a play date for "brunch". Great group of Moms and kids, but I paid for breaking
my "never leave the house on Monday" rule. Princess has been staying up late and sleeping in lately
and I woke her up today at 5 minutes before 9 am to leave for our play date.
She was fine, until we were there for about 1 hour or so, and then it all came crashing down.
Rude, badly behaved....I was embarrassed. I also knew it was my fault.She is always more tired on Monday, and
needs to have a "down time" day with no outings, or visits. Just us, at home, jammies..all day.
Farmer Dad goes back to work and we chill. I really wanted us to both have our play date, and I paid.
The drive home was disagreeable and when she finally conked out, I knew I would pay for the unscheduled nap as well. We picked up lunch on the way home...yes I bribed my daughter with junk food from a drive thru window!
We had just settled down when my brother-in-law stopped by to help Farmer Dad with some work on our house.
She was delighted to see her uncle, but still not fit for visitors. I sent her to my sister's with my niece and her boyfriend where I hope she is having fun..at least it is quiet enough here for me to check my e-mail and download some pictures from earlier today. I even got out to the garden to help pick some tomatoes (those the ground hog hasn't taken one bite out of!) and black berries. Don't hate me because my daughter and I are both cranky...we'll be more agreeable tomorrow...I hope. Now I will try to load up some more pictures of our messy garden on the garden blog.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Books on Monday..way before the end of Sunday

Here are some books from our local library...

What elephant? by Genevieve Cote, billed as a whimsical tale of an elephant that is seen..but not necessarily believed, Princess got a chuckle out of the pictures in this book, but the story did not keep her attention.
We'll keep it around for a while and see if it was a mood thing, or a book thing.

Fireflies at Midnight by Marilyn Singer with pictures by Ken Robbins
this was a lovely book of poems ,
our favorite was

watch me

don't watch me
don't see me
in the grass
pass me by

I'm a trick of the eye

don't chase
just erase
what you see
one small smudge
that won't budge
it's not me

Another book of poetry we chose this week was
Climb into my Lap First Poems to Read Together selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins and illustrated by Kathryn Brown
This is a nice selection of poems and the illustrations are very nice too. We are planning on enjoying this in our hammock this weekend..if it doesn't rain.

Four Friends in the Garden by Sue Heap
Princess really enjoyed the pictures and the story reminded me so much of being in our garden together
that we enjoyed this story of four friends chasing a butterfly around the garden.

How to Bake an American Pie by Karma Wilson and illustrated by Raul Colon
I wanted this book for the Fourth of July, but had to wait for it. Princess thought it was "pretty cool".

Buckamoo Girls by Ellen A. Kelley and illustrated by Tom Curry
is an adorable story about two cows who imagine themselves a couple of buckaroo girls.The drawings are fun and so is the story, with plenty of rhyme to keep us giggling!

Thelonius Monster's Sky-High Fly Pie a revolting rhyme by Judy Sierra with delicious drawings by Edward Koren
You know how we both love a book with lots of rhyme, so this made for a real good time!(sorry, I couldn't resist!)
Princess's favorite part was
"Thelonius urgently e-mailed a spider.
He wanted advice from a savvy insider.
"You'll need something sticky" was her reply.
"To catch a fly."

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Random pictures from the life of a Princess

Here are some pictures from our week.
Looking out the window of our kitchen to find "her" bunny.
Princess at the computer.
Making her own pizza and a calzone for Farmer Dad.
Tomatoes from our garden.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Time flies when you're having fun....

While waiting again for Portia to wake up this morning, my friend called and asked if we would like to meet her and her children at our local High School for a children's theater production. They were putting on "Beauty and the Beast". We were game and Princess woke up as I got off the phone, so we got ourselves ready and picked up the house a bit before meeting them.While getting ready, I realized Princess had "accidentally" slept with panties under her jammies instead of a pull up. I remember having her brush her teeth and put her jammies on, but I never gave her a pull up! And she woke up dry!!! I was so excited. Princess totally took it for granted.
The play was fun (although not the Disney version the kids expected) and after it was over we all went for lunch together. We got home just in time to meet Farmer Dad and I was very happy we had picked up before we left. I hate coming home to a messy house.
After a light dinner of some garden fresh veg and tuna over some pasta, we played some games(Lucky Ducks, Candy Land,Silly Six Pins,Memory,and Uno) and read some books.I tried to get some blogging done, but they kept calling me over to play.I took full advantage of them cuddling up on the couch for Princess and Dad time and headed over to the library for some quiet time. I picked up a stack of books they had waiting for me that I'll post about on Monday. After checking out some of the books, Princess pulled out her doll clothes and dressed her Silly Six Pin pins! I can't post pictures right now for some reason, but I'll try later.
Tomorrow we will be watching and taping a Deadliest Catch marathon, so who knows if I'll get online.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Waiting for Princess....

My daughter, the lovely Princess (yes, this is what she calls herself,lol)
is on a stay up late, sleep in cycle. We hit these every once in a while
around here. I have tried waking her up, putting her in bed earlier,
it just doesn't stand a chance against her natural rhythm.
I don't really have much planned for today, it feels a bit humid already,
so I'm thinking we won't be going outside until after Farmer Dad gets home.
We picked our first couple of ripe tomatoes last night, and there should be more today.
If it's not raining, maybe we can all go out and find some.
Maybe we'll clean up the house a bit, but not sure I feel like doing that
with the humidity.I don't feel like leaving the house for the same reason.
She has been deep in the world of dolls lately, babies, barbies, you name it.
Maybe I'll just let her free play instead of trying to direct her in some way today.
I feel a bit "guilty" when I do, but I feel "guilty" if I don't give her free time as well.
Especially in the summer.We will read, we read many books every day, but normally
I try to fit a craft or game or puzzle into the story and make a "learning" experience out of it.
I have read in several different books lately that they need to get "bored" . I'm not sure Princess has ever been bored, but maybe it's because I plan too many activities (I'm talking about at home) for her.
Sorry for the long disorganized ramble today....must be the humidity.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


5 Minutes for Mom.
is giving away approximately $300 worth of FREE dairy products (one lucky winner will receive about 60 gift certificates for Horizon Organic products - each with a value of $4.99! That is about $300 worth of groceries - how cool is that?)
Go check it out!
I read about it here .
I love the whole line of products they put out!

Today is Cousins Day!

Princess and I will be talking about Cousins today.
Who are her cousins? Where do they live?
Ours are scattered all over from California,Long Island,Florida,Texas,
England,and New Zealand to down the shore and just about down our street.
Princess has a small photo album from when she was a baby (who loves baby?)
that we have pictures of many of her cousins in.We also have a section of our refrigerator
covered in them as well. We have recently started a family blog for just her and her little cousin in California
to "share" with each other on. A private,safe spot for them to post pictures and stories for each other and a way for the adults to "plan" our next visits all in one space. We are hoping they can make the trip in the Autumn this year as we have not seen them in person in far too long. The girls are two years and one day apart in age, and many people think they live near each other because Princess talks about her cousin like she just played with her.
They do speak on the phone together, and we adults have been shushed off the extension many times for our giggling over "how cute" their conversations are.Now, off to print out more pictures of cousins that are just waiting to be giggled over!Here is one of her with her Uncle and her cousin, P is in the back.

Monday, July 23, 2007

More books from our local library...

Princess and I have been enjoying reading some books we borrowed from our library.
Here are some of our favorites;
Up by Jim La Marche
This book is about a boy who is tired of being called "little mouse" by his family, he wants to be strong enough to help on the family fishing boat. He wants to be taken seriously. One day he gets so mad at being left behind, that he moves an oyster cracker up off the table with his only his will. He practices his secret talent until one day he helps move a beached whale back out into the sea.The illustrations are so lovely and evocative, Princess spent about half an hour "re-reading" it to herself after we were done.

Butterfly Eyes and other secrets of the meadow written by Joyce Sidman and illustrated by Beth Kromms
is a unique combination of poetry riddles and science information.The scratchboard illustrations are fabulous!
Beginning with the rising sun and ending with twilight, it takes you on a journey through the fields where rabbits,grasshoppers,a fox all live.

Kate,the Cat and the Moon by David Almond and Stephen Lambert
was a very fun read for Princess! A little girl hears a cat outside her window and as she runs down the stairs, she becomes a cat too! Is it a dream? Was she pretending? Could it really happen? We all had a different opinion,
but one thing we all agreed on was this was a fun book!Princess liked how the family talked about what they dreamed in the morning..just like we do.

What Shall we Play? by Sue Heep
This was a cute story about three friends who take turns deciding what to play.
Princess likes games where you imagine to be something else, a tree, a car, a fairy, just like the children in the book. Cute drawings.

Odd Velvet by Mary E. Whitcomb and illustrated by Tara Calahan King
We loved this book! Odd Velvet is not like all the other kids in her class, and we
wish she lived near us.Very heartwarming. I will say it again...we loved it!
Princess especially loved the birthday party at Velvet's house.
We are deep in the "planning" stage for her 5th birthday celebration around here, so
notes were taken.....

It is a very rainy day here in New Jersey so we are going to go curl up with another stack of books and read,read,read today. Won't you join us?

Very Busy Sunday

Sunday started out quietly enough around here, sharing a cup of coffee and quiet time with Farmer Dad
before Princess woke up.Then it was breakfast,showers,pick up toys and
get ready for the HI-5 concert in New Brunswick.
Our good friend and her daughters picked Princess and I up and we drove into downtown New Brunswick for some delicious pizza. The weather was perfect. Blue skies, sunny,warm, but not hot. Perfect.Another friend and her son met us at the pizzeria and we all walked over to the State Theatre for the concert.The kids and the adults all enjoyed the show..boy can those kids sing and dance!
Hi-5 was pretty good too ;-).Princess's favorite is Jen.You may notice Princess has a purple nose in all the pictures, she hit it on the coffee table Saturday afternoon and woke up with a terrible scrape Sunday.
I put some MEDERMA for kids on it to hopefully stop any scarring, so it looks even worse in the pictures. (Today there is a big purple scab..yuk!) After the concert we headed home where Farmer Dad and some of his buddies were jammin' in the basement.
Being music lovers, we quickly made plans to be somewhere else...not because they play badly (how could you think I would say that?) but because we knew they would enjoy the undisturbed time to play.Oh yeah, it was LOUD. ;-)
When we got to our friend's house, we all headed over to her neighbors for a swim and Princess was very happy to see her true love (so she tells anyone who will listen) "science boy" .The sight of Princess mooning over "science boy" never sits well with our friend's son, and the fight began. I won't lie, it got a little ugly. Six year old children are not known for their self control, neither he nor Princess were quite sure what happened, or why, but it was over quickly and his Mom took him home to cool off. We stayed with "Science boy" and his Mom and little brother for a bit while they swam and played and he caught a butterfly for her to look at and we saw a hummingbird on the flowers in the yard.Then he brought out some magazines for her to look at as he explained how to tell all the animals apart(Bucks,Does and Elk for instance) and where they lived. He is a mini animal encyclopedia! Is it any wonder our little "science girl" is "in love"?
We could hear our friend's back outside and done with his punishment, so we all headed over there for some
"slip n' slide" play and dinner. Farmer Dad and our friend's husband joined the kids on the slip n slide (heated up from all that guitar playing no doubt)Things went well for a while and then...well it got a little dicey again.
We headed home and got into jammies.Princess is still not sure why her friend got mad at her,"boys are so weird!" was how she put it.All in all it was another nice Sunday, but I'm ready to rest tomorrow!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Beauty, Art and Play

I always enjoy checking in with my blogland friends, but
the last couple of days I have really been enjoying
reading Mariposa .I really relate to her vision
for what her daughter needs in her day every day.
Take some time today if you are one of the few who don't
read her, to stop in and see for yourself.

In light of my agreement with her on these requirements,
Princess sat beside me painting while we watched the Food Network
as is our habit on Saturday mornings.Normally she is more engrossed in
the cooking, but today she wanted to paint.

Now she is sitting with Farmer Dad on our 3 season porch talking about
gardening and plays we might order tickets for in the fall.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Down time after a very busy day

We missed our swim play date today, because
Princess could not, would not sleep last night
and slept the morning away today.
Our friend's son came over in the afternoon
and they hung out inside and snacked and played
until his Dad picked him up for dinner.
After we ate, Princess and I headed over to
my Aunt's house for cake and ice cream to celebrate
her birthday. It was great to see everyone and Princess
entertained them all with her singing and dancing.
I'm hoping for an earlier night tonight, but we'll see.
This weekend will be pretty busy as well, including
a trip to see HI-5 at a local theater on Sunday.
I have been debating bringing her to see _Walking With Dinosaurs
this fall, but Farmer Dad is against it. I'm not really sure if it is the price
of the tickets or the concept that bothers him, but it's a no go as far as he is concerned.
Is anyone else planning on going, or not? I'd love to hear your take on it.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

" Camp Katie Day "

Today we celebrated Camp Katie Day ! at our house.
My friend has 6.5 year old twin girls who periodically
come over for an entire day of fun that they call "Camp Katie Day".
We bake, paint, craft, play, watch movies, read, whatever
strikes us as fun plus a whole bunch of fun things I plan
in advance.They are in school and busy with dance classes,
so we don't see them as often as we would like, but when we do they always ask
when the next "Camp Katie Day" is.
Today we had a snack of fresh fruit and I traced the girls on some long white paper
I had saved. We made some pizza dough and headed outside after they all played Barbies
for a while. I had paints and brushes set up as well as a laundry basket filled with library books
and a hammock set up with blankets and pillows for ultimate relaxing.
They painted their "self portraits" and then we cleaned up and played in the pool while they dried.
I weeded the garden a bit while they pulled each other in Princess's wagon all over the yard.
Then it started to rain, so we headed inside and started lunch. The girls watched "How to Eat Fried Worms"
while eating personal size pizzas,chicken fingers,carrot sticks,grapes and melon.
If I had known it was going to be on cable, I would have gotten some gummie worms for a snack!
We ended the day with pink t-shirts I made with the help of Farmer Dad (I could not flip the letters)
and a whole lot of great memories.

Wednesday Play Date

We belong to a very nice play group where,
we have been lucky enough to make some real
nice friends,both for Princess and myself.
This week we had a breakfast play date at
one of our friends homes.The kids played,
while the Moms ate and drank coffee and tea.
After we arrived home, we played and read
and cleaned up our house a bit in preparation
for the arrival of our friends on Thursday.
Here are a couple of pictures of Princess
playing dress up. She is the epitome of elegance until you notice the slippers...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

And now we are reading.....

And then it rained...And then the sun came out... by Crescent dragonwagon and illustrated by Diane Greenseid
We loved this book about a city waiting for it to rain and then it rains for several days and they get bored doing all the things you enjoy doing the first day or two of rain, and then the sun comes out....
Princess loves "flipping" the book over for the next story and the illustrations are so colorful.

Three Pebbles and a Song by Eileen Spinelli with pictures by S.D. Schindler
is an adorable tale about how each member of a family contributes to the families happiness in their own way.
Princess really enjoyed the pictures of this little mouse family.

We have another book out by Eileen Spinelli this one with illustrations by Jane Dyer
Sophie's Masterpiece.
This story moved Princess and I both to tears and maybe, just maybe we will let the next spider that we find
weaving in our home just be, but I wouldn't count on it.

Louella Mae, She's run away! by Karen Beaumont Alarcon with Illustrations by Rosanne Litzinger
Princess loves the rhyming quality of this authors books and wants us to read them over and over again. Her favorite line in this one is

Look in the cornfields!
Look in the hay!
Where ,oh where, is Louella Mae?

The funniest part was finding out who Louella Mae is (don't worry I won't ruin the surprise here) at the end of the story.

We also finally convinced our library to order another Karen Beaumont book this one with illustrations by David Catrow I Like Myself!
Have to say we loved this as well. My fave:

No matter if they stop and stare,
no person
can make me feel that what they see
is all there really is to me.

Princess herself picked out the following book:

C is for Cooking recipes from Sesame Street
by Susan McQuillan,RD
She has been bugging me to try a different recipe every day.
I have so many books out right now, and need to get back to coloring with Princess,
so I will list more tomorrow.
Have a wonderful day filled with reading and coloring and maybe making a bit of a mess along with your children
today, instead of trying to clean up around them or seeing the mess instead of the fun.
That's what I'm going to do, maybe I'll even be brave enough to post the pictures later to prove it!

Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm a Rockin' Girl Blogger!

Well, at least my friend Patience thinks so.I can't thank her enough for the kind
words about me and,well, just for reading my blog.
I already asked Patience this question, but do any of you think
I will have to give it back if I admit how totally stoked I am to
get this ? It makes me wish I still fit into my 80's wardrobe..ok,
not all of them, just the really cool stuff !
Now I need to pass it on to 5 more people and since we read a lot of the same people,
I will be leaving off the duplicates (you know I still think you're rockin' though right?)
There are a few "girls" I turn to every day to inform and uplift me and here they are
Cher Mere
who makes me want to be a better homeschooler.
who makes me want to pick up more often before I take a picture.;-)
who just makes it all look like so much fun!
And my good friend who I have never met in person,
hopefully she will post more now that she has her tickets for her trip
back home to Morocco...I miss her when she's busy!
and finally Jenny.
Jenny is a "new find" for me, but I keep going back to look at her "school room"...it totally rocks!
There are so many others out there, and in my opinion, if you are willing to let me have a peak
into your world...You rock too!!

What Princess did without me on Sunday

I do not often get a day off without my daughter.
I don't often want one.This week I needed one.
My friend called and asked me to go with her
to a craft show while our husbands played with the kids at her house.
It was perfect.We strolled around at a leisurely pace, bought an "iced crock server"
from these people at Country Herbs.
Stopped off at a couple of other stores on the way home, including the food store for
something to toss on the grill for dinner. We ate dinner, tried out a new dip in the crock she bought,
and had a Margarita or two.The kids had been swimming in a neighbors pool with their boys
and were watching a movie inside to cool off from the heat of the day when we got home.After dinner,
they played in the sprinkler and had ice cream before we drove home at bed time.
Fortunately I left my camera with Farmer Dad before I left.Just so you don't think
I'm leaving it off completely,
I'll post my books for the week on Tuesday.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Birthday Parties

My favorite party is at home in the backyard.
Don't get me wrong, if you want to spend $200.00 a kid
for some over stimulation extravaganza to entertain my daughter for
an afternoon, we're in.We will have a blast and then go home and
recoup in the quiet that is our normal life.
If I am going to throw a party, it will be at home in our backyard.
Party games,music,food made by me.Lots of family and friends
to celebrate with us.I have nothing against people catering their parties,
or buying a cake, I just like to do it myself. It is how I show my love.
I hope when Princess grows up this will be one of the many special memories
she will have that makes her feel my love.Of course there is a chance it will be one of the many
reasons she gives her therapist as proof that I ruined her life! LOL
I'm willing to risk it. ;-)
Yesterday we had a great time at a birthday party for our friend's son. He turned 5 and
the kids played on the swings (where they also put on a circus for us adults) and ran through a sprinkler
and played in a bouncy house and a good time was enjoyed by all. The food was good, the company better
and we all left full and tired. Princess is still sleeping as I write this.
Today we will try to catch up with some other friends and I'm going to try to bring Princess
to a local library's penny book sale.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Princess goes to the courthouse...

We were supposed to have a play date on Thursday with a friend and her daughter, but
she couldn't make it.Fortunately one of our play group friends called and asked us to meet at Chuck E Cheese's for lunch.
Princess had so much fun playing with one of "her boys" and it was great to catch up
with my friend as well. Since our children play so well together, we actually get to talk.
Very rarely do we need to referee or interfere. It's lovely.I went with another girlfriend to a demonstration that evening
and had more "child free" and "spouse free"fun which I needed very badly.
Today we were hanging out in our jammies and wondering what to do with our day,
when my sister called and asked us to ride with her over to the county seat to take care of
some paperwork at the courthouse. She doesn't like to park in the parking garage alone.
She promised it would not take long, so I said sure and we got dressed and were ready when she arrived.
Unfortunately, I forgot my camera was still in my purse from our play date at Chuck E Cheese the day
before. The police officer was very nice about not letting me into the courthouse with my camera, and Princess and I went outside to wait for my sister to take care of business. I had tossed my purse into a tote bag filled with library books and a math workbook that Princess likes, so we had plenty to do and it was a lovely day!
We sat outside, moving from benches in the sun to a marble planter/bench in the shade and read and colored
and wrote our own story while watching the people move about.
We were home in time for lunch, and have not done much since.
Now I have to put some stuff on my porch for Freecycle. I'm sincerely trying to clean out my basement.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bits of learning and playing....

That is how our days usually go. We may do some schoolwork in the morning and then have a play date
or go on a "learning adventure" as Princess loves to call them now.
Yesterday we did a bit of workbook and some other coloring type things and Princess played with
so many different toys that the day just flew by.In the evening Farmer Dad set up her sprinkler in the pool for her to cool off a bit. Today we got up and out pretty early for us, because we
had a "Breakfast in the Park" play date with some of our very good friends in play group.
Princess was very happy to see her "gal pal" I...it has been a while since our schedules matched up
for a get together. They missed each other quite a bit, so we promised to not go so long until next time.
She also had a few of "her boys" there. It was nice to sit in the park enjoying an iced coffee and light refreshments while the kiddies ran and climbed and pushed each other on the swings.We left just as it began to get hot and sunny out. Perfect timing! On the way home we stopped to purchase a present for our friend who turns 5 this weekend.
We have his party Saturday, and found something his Mom told us he would like.Princess is so excited for him to
open it and it's not even wrapped yet. We decided in the store to make him a card. I will print out pictures of them playing together over the past 5 years and Princess will cut them out and glue them on and embellish as she sees fit. She really likes to make her own cards...the store bought never seem to properly convey her wishes for the occasion. I think it is funny that she has an idea at 4.5 of what wishes she wants to convey!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Teddy Bear Picnic Day!

It is also, so I have read, "Don't step on a bee day".I am not sure if I'll be able to
talk Princess into having a Teddy Bear Picnic today, but we will definitely not
step on any bees today! New Jersey is in the middle of a heat wave and we will be staying
inside.So far we have colored some bee pictures, played with Princess's magnetic dress-up dolls,
read three library books and now she is working in a math work book that she picked out of our
"school" storage cabinet. I need to find a craft to do, she is not interested in any of my craft bags.
Maybe some moon sand or play doh will distract her? Or maybe some clay?
I would like to sit down with my copy of Barbara Kingsolver's Animal,Vegetable,Miracle,
that I finally got from the library after being on the wait list forever...or maybe it just seemed like forever.
Hope everyone out there is staying cool.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Weekend fun

This weekend was hot and sticky as July tends to be in New Jersey.
We enjoyed our local pizzeria's 30Th Anniversary,followed by roasting marshmallows over an open fire.We ate some fresh garden produce,(green beans,Swiss chard,zucchini,yellow squash,and peppers).We floated in our little pool in the backyard and blew bubbles and
played Frisbee.Sunday found us bird and butterfly watching in our backyard.
Here are some pictures

The Liberty Bell

Sunday July 8TH is Liberty Bell Cracked Day.
Find out more about the Liberty Bell here.
I was always drawn to the Liberty Bell as a child.
I'm not sure why, but I think it was because you could
actually touch it.
Here is a picture of my classmates and I in front of it in 1976.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy 4th of July!!

We had a nice Fourth of July here. The weather was damp and cool, but we hung around the house
baking bread and making pizza and doing crafts.Princess and I picked lettuce and Swiss chard
and Farmer Dad picked yellow squash and beans.They made a lovely side to our pizza for lunch.
We read a little bit of Constitution Translated for Kids by Cathy Travis
and then late in the afternoon we headed out to our friends home to picnic and
then hung out inside watching a movie and chatting when it rained.
The rain stopped just in time for the fireworks, so we headed over to a nearby park and enjoyed the show.
The kids all had fun and the adults did too. Princess actually fell asleep in the car on the way home (very rare) and then woke up when carried inside for jammies and bed. We all crawled into our bed to cuddle up and watch the Boston Pops on tv- even our cat,Alley.Princess slept late today and has been coloring and taking turns with me at being the "cashier" at our little grocery store. Tonight we'll head to a local theater to view Ratatouille.
Princess and I have been waiting to see it for quite some time.She is very into all things "cooking".

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