Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Random shots from a life well lived

Farmer Dad and Princess check on the fish.
They look happy and healthy to me.
Princess runs in to get her umbrella.
There are several "volunteer" tomato plants in our flower bed.

Picking some cherry tomatoes for Daddy while he's at work.


Brit said...

Great pics, you have a great backyard and garden. Does that mean you are getting rain up there?? I wish we would get some... it's hot and dry and the leaves are falling off the trees before changing.

Mrs. Darling said...

Its just rained and rained here the last few days! Lovely pics. I wish I had some volunteer tomatoes!

amanda said...

A life well lived indeed :) And cherry tomatoes from the garden, yum!
My son would love your aquarium. Isn't it just so soothing to watch those little fishes swim round and round?

Mariposa said...

Nice photos. How magical to be able to pick your own grape tomato.

We have volunteers: prickly pears, and a chile plant from the seed of chipolte ristra, not exactly "fairy" nourishment:)

Angela,MotherCrone said...

Lovely photos! Don't kids have the most fun picking from the garden?
Are you soggy there too?

Kate in NJ said...

Brit-Thanks, yes, it has been raining since Saturday night here.

Mrs. D- Thank you, my DH usually pulls them out, but we had a couple he missed. ;-)

Amanda- My P would love to "show him" her fishies, we all enjoy it.

M- we have some prickly pears..my DH loves them.

Angela- oh yes, we are feeling very soggy right now! ;-)

Lifeschooling with O said...

You are lucky to have a garden:) I didn't realize how much I wanted one, until we tasted my grandmother's garden vegetables the other day!

Kate in NJ said...

LWO- Yes, we appreciate it when we are not weeding! ;-)
If you were closer, I would be forcing heirloom tomatoes on you!

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