Monday, August 20, 2007

Books from our bookpile...

Well, it's Monday, so here is a list of some of the books we are reading from our local library right now;

Frederick by Leo Lionni
What's not to love? Adorable pictures and a story sure to warm your heart as winter's chill sets in!
Princess really enjoyed that he was telling them a story, as she enjoys storytelling herself.
Thanks to Nina for another great book idea!

I believe it was Nina who told me to run , not walk to get Miss Rumphious by Barbara Cooney
to read to Princess.We shall be forever grateful!We loved the story, the pictures.
The idea that you need to do something to make the world more beautiful is such a lovely one to give our children. It also made me think of Mariposa.

We also took out Play With Me by Marie Hall Ets on her recommendation.
This was a very sweet story about a little girl who finally gets the animals to stay near her, by being quiet
and still. Princess may never truly learn this lesson, but she did enjoy the story.

In the Garden,who's been here? by Lindsay Barrett George, is right up our alley!
"Something's been eating the seeds in the middle of the sunflower. I wonder... Who's been here?"

We've been going through a lot of this, "who's been here?" around our garden this year.
The pictures alone are worth getting this book.

Dancers In The Garden by Joanne Ryder with illustrations by Judith Lopez
is a delightful book about hummingbirds visiting a garden.
We have not seen one in our garden since we started reading this book, but we have been looking.

It is still raining here, so we will cuddle under a soft blanket and read together.
Just me, my little girl, and a pile of books.......


Jenny said...

These sound great! CJ could use the one about staying still when animals are around, that's for sure. We have hummingbirds in our yard, so I'll have to check on that one too. In the Garden sounds right up our alley too- thanks for the great ideas!

divinagrace said...

I just caught up on your last four posts. It looks so fun to be Princess!

I hope you won't mind that I'll be posting pictures of the books we're reading, too. It's such a great idea, rather than searching for images at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks J!I'm glad my list had something you hadn't already read on
it. ;-)

D- I would not mind even a little, I love to see pictures of the books!
I used to try to get P to hold them for me, but she doesn't want to play my reindeer games! lol

Mrs. Darling said...

Its raining here too. Indeed it is time to read books. Its all so cozy.

Wisteria said...

My mother bought me Fredrick when I was about Princess's age. I still have it. I loved sharing it with my children. It made me happy to see it in your pile.

Patience said...

Those books sound lovely, and make me miss our days of reading picture books.

Your last paragraph describes my favourite thing to do.

Mariposa said...

Thank you, Kate. I am going to try to find that book so I can read it.

I love Frederick!

I love to cuddle with Ami, thank you for remining me.

Lifeschooling with O said...

Cuddling up with a good book sounds very nice,it's raining a ton here too:-)

Fun Mommy of 2 said...

rain= books and cuddling. We have had rain here. We also have been reading a lot of books. Love your book list.

amanda said...

Great book list. I will have to check out that Marie Hall Ets book. My son loves her book A Walk in the Forest.

I will be adding some of these to our library list for sure :)

chanale said...

The Secret by Lindsey Barrett George is also a good one (I wrote about it awhile back in "library theme: snails").

I like Frederick, too. :)

Marbel said...

We have and love Miss Rumphius! I found my 8 year old daughter rereading it the other day. A story we never ever tire of.

Got here via Mrs. Darling!

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks for all the "bloggy love" ladies. It is still raining here,
and we are still reading.
I will post a new list next Monday.

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Plato said...

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