Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Ice Cometh....

The appliance repair man came this morning and a couple of hundred dollars later,
we shall have ice. I think I would have spent less money and pulled out the ice cube trays that
are surely somewhere in the basement, but Farmer Dad does like plenty of ice on the door.
It just feels like all the money is going out right now and not much coming in.....oh well.
This too shall pass.I've been told by a couple of tree people that the rest of our tree will not fall
down anytime soon, so we shall leave it until the "busy season" prices go down.
Hopefully the tire place will have a Labor Day sale so we can get new tires for his truck, and we shall
get over this hurdle. Can you see me sweating about this from there?
The good news is, I just heard ice falling into the ice holder, so it must be working.
Haven't heard that for a while around here.
Maybe I'll make a Margarita with crushed ice later to celebrate.
It was probably worth it to have a big strong man pull the whole thing out from the wall
so I could clean it real well. It's that time of the year anyway.
I did escape for a bit last night to hit our library for some new books. I returned two huge bags
full of books and one of cds. I only carried one bag home with two cds in my purse, so it was very light.
Princess was flipping out because Farmer Dad would not bring her to her friends house to play.
Friday, she flipped when it was time to go home, and he wouldn't take her back because of it.
She calmed down after we ignored her for a bit and we went downstairs to play skeeball.
Then we read our new books and she played with her blocks. I still have not found the other box,
but the small bag is keeping her happy for now. It was a long night, she rarely goes down easy once she hits "fit" mode. I would think it would make her more tired, but it almost always backfires.
She has been busy playing with her magnetic letters and some "Dawn" dolls we got last year at a "free for all".
Did anyone else out there have them as a child? I loved mine.I would not let her play with them at first, she was being a bit ruff for my liking, but I pulled out the case this morning and she has played nicely almost all morning.


Jenny said...

CJ also responds well to being ignored when she's having a fit- it really seems to nip them in the bud when they don't get any attention! I'd say a margarita is definitely in order!

chanale said...

A margarita sounds sooo good about now with the summer heat, eh?

I've not heard of "Dawn" dolls. E has a couple soft-bodied dolls, but she likes to snuggle up in bed with them but later throw them overboard. I'm not getting her a nice doll for a long time. :)

Kate in NJ said...

Hi Gals, I'll be thinking of you both as I blend! lol
I'll have to post a pic of the dolls
when I get a chance..they are almost Polly Pocket size.

amanda said...

I had Dawn dolls, too. What a blast from the past!

Wisteria said...

We have ice, too! Though ours wasn't so expensive.

Sara said...

Why is everything so expensive? It always feels to me like there's a vacuum sucking the "extra" money right out of my bank account!

Angela, MotherCrone said...

Frozen marguitas? I'll be right over....

I seriously considered this for a moment, but realized the coming back after indulging part would not make the drive fun!

Kate in NJ said...

Amanda- weren't they cool?
I was beginning to think I had dreamed them up, when I found the box at a freecycle "free for all" last summer.
W- Glad to hear you have ice again too!
Sara- extra money? what's that?
A- lol Come on over! P has a "Little Pony" sleeping bag,lol!

Fun Mommy of 2 said...

Oh Kate, I really don'y like when everything happens at once. Who would have thought ice would cost that much. My goodness.
As for the fit. We seem to be getting that alot around here lately. He slammed his door the other day. I told dh the next time he does that I am taking the door off. So we are just waiting for that slam.

Kate in NJ said...

Oh, we have had slammin doors already, but usually when she is extremely frustrated with my rule
of her kingdom,lol.
I can so see you taking the door down,lol. This fit was a flailing about on the floor kind of has not happened often, but when it does...look out.
I have something of a "passionate" nature myself, so I try to just ignore it and hope she decides it's not worth her time to do it again.

Mariposa said...

Sometimes when things break, it does seem to come all at once. I hope it gets better soon.

I had one Dawn doll. I got it free or very cheap by sending in something from a cereal box.

Daphne said...

Hows that old saying go... bad things happen in groups of 3? Well it seems to me you have met your requirement and everything should be hunky dorey from here on out. P and Soph definitely sound like they could be related. hmm - good thing they're so darling, it makes the bad days almost not so bad (*note the almost*). Sophia has bed time melt downs. Tonight she stated (at 10:30) that she "simply could not sleep because her brain was awake". I told her perhaps if she closed her eyes and counted as high as she could that she would fall asleep. She said that there weren't possibly enough numbers and that she couldn't get higher than 40. I told her if she was still awake at 40 to start over. She was sound asleep by a slurred 23 :)

Lifeschooling with O said...

I am glad you have plenty of ice now;-)

Amber said...

OH MY! I don't know if I could afford ice at that price!!! I am happy you have your ice back! Sorry to hear Princess had a fit. Demi has fits all day long so in my house we hardly even notice them.

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks Ladies, as always you put things in perspective for me and give
me a laugh!

nina said...

Princess has fits? ;) I am happy to read that I am not the only one with a child who does that.

Glad to hear you have ice, better now then later because later would be winter and do you really need ice water in winter.

Happy first day of September. I hope everything is going well this weekend. I always wonder when you don't post for a day or two.

I'm always proud of myself when I go to the library with two bags and only come home with one. :)

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