Monday, August 6, 2007

Back to School Supplies

Here is a quick pictorial of some of Princess's
Back to School purchases:
First, her new notebook and folder,
I was very sorry I said "pick whatever you want".
Her choice is clearly (to me) meant for some teenager,
but in retrospect, it probably suits her much more than the
Tinkerbell I thought she would pick, and at least it didn't have Bratz on it.

Next are the "ruby slippers" she has been requesting since (no exaggeration)
she could talk!

Finally, these are the ice cream sandwich molds we picked up,
because, well they looked like fun and cooking is science,right?


Frankie said...

The spiral and folder are a hoot! I can see why she likes them, the flowers are pretty. lol

I was reading this on bloglines before I clicked to your blog. I don't have my glasses on, nor did I see the photos right away, but I read "rubbery" slippers. Huh? Oh gosh, my cheeks were the color of hte slippers. ;-)

I love her ruby slippers. I hope she gets lots of wear and enjoyment! What every girl needs on the first day of school!

Daphne said...

Holy Moley! The ice cream sandwich molds are awesome! Where did you get them? Sophia can't have regular ice cream sandwiches but wants to make some and we couldn't find molds. And those are way better than regular rectangle ones anyhow! Definitely some good finds.

Mariposa said...

I can't see her supplies so maybe they will pop up tomorrow.

I love the shoes! Ami has a pair. Two years ago she was Dorothy at night, and Alice in the Day. I bought big so she is still wearing them, LOL with all sorts of costumes. She will get a lot of use out of them.

nina said...

Brave, brave mommy for allowing dd to select her own materials. I still too much of a control freak. :)

Heather said...

Now she sounds like someone who knows how to have fun.LOL

Kate in NJ said...

Hi Frankie- she is so proud of her choices!
Daphne- I e-mailed you about the molds
M- she has wanted those shoes for so long...I finally said ok.
Nina- I am trying to be less controlling where it won't harm (her/or me?)lol
Heather- Oh yeah! Her two big goals are "scientist" and "bait girl" on the Time!

Angela, MotherCrone said...

I noticed the "Ruby Slippers" at the end of my school supply list as well. LOL! How cute! I think you are right about the "Wild thing" being more fitting once you think about it.
My digital camera is with Scout, but I let Girlie pick her own as well, and she selected all Happy Bunny style, the perfect sarcasm for her.

Brit said...

Riley and I have those shoes as well!! Yes, I told her to pick her and I a pair of matching shoes, and thats what I got. We wear them when we are being fancy, but only inside!! (ok, once or twice we went and got the mail in them, I admit it)

Mariposa said...

Do you mean the old show Time Bandit?

Kate in NJ said...

Angela- love Girlie's sarcasm!
Brit- LOL, I did not know they made them for "big girls", or do you have REALLY small feet? We love being "fancy" here too!
M- I meant the boat on "Deadliest Catch"..she loves it!

Brit said...

LOL, no I do not have tiny feet!!We got them at a dance store... I was thinking more along the lines of cute black flats...

Cher Mere said...

I love the back to school supplies! Fancy noteboks, ruby slippers and ice sandwiches makers? That sounds like the kind of school I would like to go to. *grin*

Angela H said...

Ok, I need those notebooks and shoes for MYSELF! LOL!

Kate in NJ said...

Angela- yes, you do! ;-)
Cher- you are more than welcome to join us anytime.
Brit- I'm laughing a bit too hard to type!

Jenny said...

Ugh! My girls like the teenagey stuff too. I have no idea why. I do love the ruby slippers! Savannah will be having her 5th birthday in September and we will be having a Somewhere Over the Rainbow party. I have been thinking of getting her a pair of "ruby slippers' and a To-To like stuffed animal for her party.

Kate in NJ said...

P will also be 5 in September!
We are doing "P's Worlds Fair" as our theme...unless she changes her mind.
We got the ruby slippers at Target.

Patience said...


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