Friday, August 17, 2007

Fun Friday!!

Princess and I woke up like any other day today and wandered out to put some music on the stereo and crank up the computer. I headed for the coffee maker and freaked when the door from the garage to the kitchen opened up behind me. No, it was not a "home invasion", but Farmer Dad who had decided to take the day off of work on his drive in to work. Princess was very excited by the news of a day with Daddy!
I was still concentrating on starting my coffee, so you'll understand gentle reader, that I was a bit less so.
We were going to have a "messy art day", so we'll see what happens now.
Farmer Dad claims he will not "be in our way" as he has plenty of work to do around here (which is very true),
but we'll see. He is not a huge fan of "paint fumes".
Maybe I'll pull out the glue instead.
I promise to post some pictures of our efforts!


Jenny said...

Oh, the best laid plans...:o)

I hope you and Princess have a fun day- please do post pictures of whatever you end up getting into!

chanale said...

Have fun! My favorite thing to do with glue when I was Princess's age was to put a thin layer on my palm, let it dry, and peel it off to see the lines on my palms. Yes, I was a nerd. :)

Mariposa said...

I love the spontaniety of your husband!

I hope you have a fun day together even if you are all working on your separate projects.

nina said...

You are such a lucky gal. I wish my dh would take a day off. I am still bitter that last year he only took 2 days of his three weeks of vacation. He's nuts.

I hope your day went well. :)

Daphne said...

Oh how fun! I most likely would have been as thrilled as you without a cup of coffee. My DH doesn't get to choose his days off unless its 2 weeks in advance... I don't mind ;)

Mariposa said...

Kate, I agree with Nina, your lucky that your spouse takes time off to be with his family. I often go on vacation with just Ami. If we travel together it is because we tagged along while my spouse works.

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks Gals!
We ended up having a pretty nice day.
He is not often spontaneous, and Nina,
I can so relate...he always has days left over!

Fun Mommy of 2 said...

Kate, dh came home early yesterday and I do have to say he gets in the way. LOL he says he doesn't, but somehow he distracts me.LOL What a fun realxing day.

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