Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy Music

Today was stressful what with repairmen needed on home and truck (tires)
and Farmer Dad's company messed up his paycheck which messed up my accounting
which hopefully will end there. :-0
But as I call around getting prices on tires, cheaper ones then we were quoted from our
regular place (fortunately), I hear Farmer Dad playing the guitar in the basement and Princess's
clear sweet voice singing along. They jammed on Donovan, Bod Dylan and Neil Young while I listened
amazed that she was at all aware of the songs she was singing..pretty cool.I wish I could have gotten close enough to record, but I know it would have spoiled the moment.
Hopefully she will be happily surprised with her Birthday gift picked out and ordered by Farmer Dad
the other day.It is a lovely Ovation acoustic-electric guitar..smaller scale of the one Farmer Dad plays.
In black. Just like mr ray.We will try to find a pink "Hello Kitty" strap or just a pink one with sequins or something sparkly and well, girlie.He is a little worried that she will be disappointed that it is not a "hello kitty" guitar or one of those "daisy" guitars shaped like a flower, but they are more than double in price and we are not sure of the quality. I'm pretty impressed with his choice, or that he had one at all.
Sometimes he is a good Dad, and sometimes...he's better.
Now I have to get my tush in gear and plan her party...we cannot agree on a theme, and so I guess it will not have one. Or, I'll just get some Hello Kitty stuff and be done with it...not every thing needs to be so very...clever.


reprehriestless warillever said...

That sounds like a wonderful gift.

Don't worry about a theme. Keep it simple and fun. Maybe black and pink decor to match the guitar?

Brit said...

Good idea! That guitar sounds wonderful! And I hope that all those stressful things clear up for you... it's so hard when they all hit at once.

Mariposa said...

How sweet. It sounds like Princess will enjoy it.

Sorry to hear about the paycheck mistake.

Cher Mere said...

Ww, I seemed to have miss a lot of posts. Sorry about the tree and the tires and the ice!

The guitar sounds super cool!

Daphne said...

I somehow acquired one of those "fun stuff" magazines (I think it was tossed the cart on a diaper run but a shop-a-holic 3 year old that shall remain nameless)and the entire thing is chalked full of themes/activities and what not that are incredibly simple yet look very super fun. I was actually bummed that Sophia's birthday had already passed when I discovered it. Let me know if perhaps you could use it and I could mail it to you, or just give you the run down of what it says.

Mrs. Darling said...

The guitar is a great idea. It's always so hard to find things that people will actually like!

Sounds like you and everyone else in blogland is stressed. I wonder if its the time of year. We can only hope.

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks Gals!
I'm better today, the paycheck thing got cleared, we have ice again,
and Farmer Dad can walk to work (jk)
P is leaning towards a Hello Kitty decor, so I'm sure that will work out too.
Daphne- you are too sweet! Which mag was it?

Heather said...

It is rough when money is an issue. It is ends up feeling so much better though when kids show you why it is wonderful to have them around. I am sure hearing P's sweet singing made everything better.

Fun Mommy of 2 said...

Oh Kate, I feel for you. Wow ds would have loved that for his birthday. I hope all goes well. Dollar store of course has great decorations. have a fun weekend.

Daphne said...

The magazine is called "Good Things for Kids". It's put out by the people that do Martha Stewart Living. It's not a full sized magazine it's one of those little ones. Its really full of good stuff and it says it will displayed until 9/10/07.

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks Heather, Yas and Daphne for chiming in , having such a great support system means the world to me!
I feel "richer" already ;-)

Jenny said...

Sorry I'm so late in commenting- I'm so glad that everything has worked out by now! And I think a Hello Kitty party would be a lot of fun! :o)

Amber said...

You are such a cool mom! My son dreams of owning a electric guitar someday. I am glad to see things are going better for you! I feel bad that it has taken me about a week to get back to your blog. Sorry about that things have been very busy here.

amanda said...

That sounds so cool! My son loves to rock out to Bob Dylan too. Yeah, he gets that from me. Yay for rock and roll kiddos :)

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks Jenny!

Amber- LOL, P doesn't always think so, thanks for finding time at all-
I know how busy you are- and everyone else too!

Amanda- Oh yeah!

nina said...

I love it when Dad's select just the right gifts for the children. Farmer Dad is way cool. Sorry for all the mishaps in the past few days. I am glad you could just enjoy the sweetness of the moment. And then you captured it for us to enjoy and reflect.

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