Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Jersey Girl picks Jersey Corn!!

WooHoo! The Jersey corn is here...and it is delish!
Tuesday was pretty quiet here, Princess and I took a ride to
pick up a pretty apron from a fellow Freecycler, and then stopped off at Barnes N Noble
to look for a book for her Kindergarten Curriculum (they did not have it, so we'll order it),
she played on the train table and we read some books before heading home, where we hung out playing "Hi-HO Cherry-O!" and "Trouble" before heading down to the basement to do laundry and play some Skee Ball until Farmer Dad got home.
Then, we picked our first ears of corn and within a few minutes
it went from our yard to our table, now that's fresh veg!
After eating dinner, we headed over to our municipal complex for our
local police department's National Night Out festivities.
Princess had a great time (she is something of a police officer "groupie"),
meeting the various police officers from our town. The "Water Rescue Team",
"Animal Control","SWAT Team" and her favorite...the "Motorcycle Unit"!
Whenever we see them on the road, she is fascinated. I thought it was the Harley, but after seeing
the guy under the helmet, I'm thinking she just has very good taste in boys!
Yes, boys..he was much closer to her age, then mine.
She sat in the rescue boat,the D.A.R.E. car (a bit like Knightrider-lol)
and a fire truck. She played games and went in the bouncy house and bouncy
obstacle course. She collected many of the officers "autographs" in the little booklet they handed out
and won a glider plane ,stuffed animal, "police badge" and "tattoo" .
They had free hot dogs,Italian Ices (water ices to some of you),cookies,popcorn and pencils
and stickers for all the kiddies. I'm sure they had some stuff we missed, because we kept going back by the motorcycles (I swear it was Princess's idea!).


Fun Mommy of 2 said...

MY Oh MY would I have loved to be there. I loove officers and ohh and espeically the SWAT team. Yes I am happily married, LOL. P must have had fun. What an excitment for her.

Cher Mere said...

Sounds fun!

Eating your own home grown corn? That is great!

Jenny said...

Your corn looked delicious, and I'll bet it tastes better than it looks! CJ would have *loved* seeing all the police vehicles, and I wouldn't have minded the officers! ;o)

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks Gals!
The corn tasted way better than it looks and the officers were pretty cute!! ;-)

Daphne said...

I love Freecycle! Its always so exciting to know other people are keen on freecycling as well. Its funny that you said Portia and Sophia look similar because last night my husband was peeking over my shoulder to see what I was doing and he said, wow, that little girl looks like Sophia! I agree. I wish I had gone to our local National Night out event, things were so hectic last night that I totally forgot! Bummer.

Lifeschooling with O said...

What an exciting day!! I want to pick corn *pout*

Kate in NJ said...

Hi D- Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment...P's little cousin looks just like them too, and her new
baby sister is also Sophia.

LWO=We had fun- P loved pickin her own fave is always the carrots..not sure why although I don't like to eat them all that much.

Angela, MotherCRone said...

We have been in corn heaven here as well! Looks like a great day. I am jealous...I need to find a carnival and have some fun!

nina said...

Here in "Corn Country" we are actually tired of corn already. We had so much from the CSA last week that I was grateful they gave it a rest this week. It can't get any better than growing your own. You go, Farmer Dad and helpers. :)

P must really have the stamina. Citcat would never be able to go out for an evening affair like that nor would she consider that big water slide. Cops, firemen and UPS drivers; you have to love them. Why are so many of them so darn cute? :) And when did they start getting so young?

Have I missed where you discussed Princess' K curriculum. I would love to read more about it.

Oh, and I am happy to discover Daphane. It's great to find someone hs a preschooler.

amanda said...

That is too funny about your little "groupie"! It sounds like you all had a great time.

Is that skee ball in your house? You are the coolest mom ever!

Patience said...

Well that is exactly the sort of man a mother wants her daughter to be infatuated with - a nice reliable upstanding police officer! Let's hope when she's older she doesn't start developing a liking for other sorts of men on big motorbikes.

The corn looked so delicious.

Anonymous said...

"heroe"... spell check please!
Nina, The only helpers I get are the ones who help themselves. I need to hire someone to harvest the beets, beans, corn, carrots, squash and blackberries and everything else. Don't touch the tomatoes! dh Farmer Dad yeah right
p.s. I read all comments

Kate in NJ said...

Ha-Ha F.D.
I was writing "one of her favorite heroes..." and upgraded you at the last minute...I can't change it right now for some reason.

Nina- he gets all the help he needs,
believe me (not him) lol
It wasn't a water slide, it was an
obstacle course where you climbed
in,over and up and slid down...she loved it! I think, they started getting "so young" when we stopped being it!lol

Kate in NJ said...

Angela- oh yes, you do!

Patience- lol, you are so wrong turn and she could end up
with someone like her father ;-)

Amanda-Yes, the skee ball is in our very messy basement, but it came from my sister's house, so I can't take too much credit,lol.

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