Thursday, August 23, 2007

Me, being nice.

I was just given a Nice Matters Award from Angela, at Mother Crone's Homeschool.
I feel a bit like Sally Field all those years ago..shouting.."You like me, you really like me!"
To be given this at all, is so...well nice, but to get it from someone like Angela
is beyond nice. Thank you so very much.
I'm still a bit confused as to how this Jersey Girl got on her list of exceptionally nice blogging friends,
but I'm going to run with it!
Now, I need to pass this award on to five (I agree with Angela here, only 5 is not nice)
other women who come to mind when I think of nice. Since Angela already picked four others I would gladly have bestowed
this award upon, and I know a couple of others who already received it (because they are that nice),
I am going to pass this lovely award on to five women I look to every day for a smile
who lives clear across the country from me, but feels like next door.
who recently moved almost close enough to share a learning adventure with,
and you know by reading her posts, that every day is a learning adventure at her house.
who reminds me that there is so much fun to come as Princess grows older.
She always takes the time to comment on what we are doing, and offer advice
or just a smile.
who I am just getting to know, but who feels like an old friend already.
Reading her blog filled with good books, is just so nice.
another friend who lives too far away, but feels, closer some how.
Her blog is filled with all the nice things she does with her boys.

And then there is my friend Nina.
I hesitated to add Nina up top, because frankly she is one of the popular girls,
and so obviously nice that I am sure she will get this award from at least 5 different people
and with the limit of five, I wanted to spread it around to my different "circles" if you know what I mean.
But although we have never met in person, Nina has (like so many of you) become my friend.
Someone who I may not pick up the phone to tell a story to, but I surely log on and drop an e-mail
to when something funny or sad happens. I have been lucky to find that in so many of you.
Now all of you need to be nice and share this award with five other people you think are nice.
Oh yeah, and Have a NICE Day!!


Heather said...

In your words "you like me you really like me" Thank you so much that is really sweet. If you had not already been nominated "twice" ( I would definetly put you on my list. So you can think of it as a third nomination, because you definetly deserve it

nina said...

Kate, you know I feel the same way. So sweet of you to include me although I wouldn't consider myself one of the popular girls. lol.

It has been a slow blogging week for me between doctor appointments, playdates and the laundry being out of commission last week so we could do some tile work. This is the first chance I've had to sit down to blog and comment. For the last hour both my dc have been napping and it has been glorious. :)

Lifeschooling with O said...

That's so sweet of you:) I agree you definitely deserve the award for all of your ((hugs)) .

Mariposa said...

Congratulations Kate! I looked here this morning and saw you had the award, but there was no post. I had planned to give one to you!

Kate in NJ said...

Thank you all so very much.
My day started out so unpleasant, and you all helped to cheer me up so much!

Fun Mommy of 2 said...

Thank you so much. I feel like I am now cool. I can actually pass the award on. My day started bad as well but it looks like it is ending pretty well.

Brit said...

Thank you Kate!! It was so sweet of you to think of me, I appreciate it. I think we SHOULD plan a learning adventure together! How fun that would be. =)

Patience said...

HA!! I KNEW it. I just knew if I looked in the comments I'd find Nina doubting that she was a popular girl ;-) But we all love her.

We love you too Kate. You certainly deserve this award.

Kate in NJ said...

LOL,Yas, you were cool when I "metcha"!

Brit- You are very welcome and I would love a "learning adventure" with you!

Patience- Thank you, you are too nice!

Jenny said...

Thanks for the nomination, Kate! That was such a great surprise to get yesterday- I was in the middle of a massive and long overdue housecleaning, so your award was really a bright spot in my whole day. :o)

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