Wednesday, January 23, 2008

WooHoo it's a Book Post!!!

Here are some of what we picked up at the library this week.

ALL I SEE by Cynthia Rylant and Peter Catalanotto
We loved this story...of course we love painting.
Princess can not wait for it to be nice outside so we can set
her easel back out in the yard and she can paint "all she sees"!

Cold Paws,Warm Heart by Madeleine Floyd
This is a very sweet story about a lonely polar bear and a little girl
who warms his heart with friendship.The paintings are lovely too.

The Happiest Tree a Yoga Story by Uma Krishnaswami and Ruth Jeyaveeran
Princess loves this story about using yoga breaths to calm yourself down...we use this at home
with her all the time.Very lively pictures..we are really enjoying it!

Tumble Tower by Anne Tyler and Mitra Modarressi
Princess Molly the Messy isn't like the rest of her neat freak family, but
after a flood in the castle can they grow to like it too?
My little Princess enjoyed this story of a little Princess with a very messy room..just like hers..well P has no food stored there, but outgrown clothes and toys and books in her bed..oh yeah!

My Wishes for You by Adele Geras and Cliff Wright
My favorite this week for sure!
I think so many of you will relate to this lyrical story
of a parents wishes for their child. The watercolor illustrations are delicate and precious
and we just can't get enough of it.

Princess has a favorite too...

The Snow Princess by Ruth Sanderson
Long ago Father Frost and Mother Spring had a daughter.They called
her their Snow Princess because she could call up snow storms at will....
Inspired by a Russian Opera, this beautiful fairy tale will warm your heart.
Check out the author's web site for more books.

I hope you all enjoy this weeks picture book selection.
I will try to post Thursday or Friday about some of the non-fiction books
we are reading.


Sara said...

Thanks for the books! We've put a bunch of these on hold at our library. I love book posts.

Mrs. Darling said...

Snow Princess sounds wonderful. Im going to put that on hold!

divinagrace said...

I see The Popcorn Book on your shelfari. Having never read it before, I'm wondering if it is worth buying? What do you think?

Jenny said...

Oh, so many of these sound good! I love Cynthia Rylant, CJ is really into yoga now, and the Snow Princess sounds wonderful. Thanks for another great list of books!

Kate in NJ said...

Thank you all for stopping by today.
D- The popcorn book is pretty good,
with real info about popcorn including some history. We enjoyed reading it, but I'm not sure I'd buy it.Mainly because our library has a copy, however if your family likes popcorn and your library doesn't have it....I don't think it would disappoint.

Heather said...

Once again another great list. I am definetly going to have to be checking some of these out.

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