Tuesday, January 8, 2008

If it's Tuesday...we must have some books to share

and oh boy do we. Princess and I have been sick as many of you have
already heard, so we have been laying around in our jammies most days
reading and watching t.v. Yes t.v..
I'd love to tell you all it was purely high caliber, and very high brow educational
programming only, but we have been watching a lot of Scooby Doo and Sponge Bob
and Hannah Montana on the On Demand Cable.
Yes, we have the "on demand box", but only for a few more months that it is free.
You know how cheap I am!
We have left our "school" work to the side for the time being, neither one of us cared
even slightly that Yesterday was the day Jupiter's Moons were discovered.
Even though we had this cool book Destination Jupiter to read.
Hopefully by Thursday we'll feel up to celebrating Volunteer Fireman's Day
and read the book Firefighters to the Rescue .
We got to see some excitement last night involving firefighters (in our town they are all volunteer)
when across the street from us a man hit a telephone pole and spun around a fire hydrant to end up on the neighbors lawn. His wheel came off and landed about 20 feet away..debris was spread all along the side of the road, but my neighbor got him out safely..his side airbags deployed and although his car was totalled, and the pole showed some wear and tear, he looked unscathed. We watched from our living room couch, as the police,
fire fighters and EMS attended to the accident.It was very interesting to watch the accident investigation team go to work and photograph the debris and the firefighters disconnected things under the hood of the car and made sure it would not ignite.We certainly would not have watched if their had been injuries, but it was very interesting
to watch everything including the tow truck taking the car away and cleaning up the major debris.We watched until it was only the neighbor cleaning up a patch or two of lawn that was damaged and the officer writing the report. The Public Service guy came to check on the pole, just as night fell everything returned to normal.
Friday we plan on celebrating the First Solo Flight Across the Atlantic by Amelia Earhart (1935)by
reading this book,A Picture book of Amelia Earhart
Here are some more books we have been reading for fun
SWEET TOOTH by Margie Palatini and Jack E. Davis.
Funny book about a boy with a disruptive sweet tooth.
But Excuse Me THAT is My Book by Lauren Child.
Princess got a real chuckle out of this one, she has just a couple of books that she always wants to take
back out of the library, and she gets ever so mad if someone else has the nerve to borrow "her book" from
"her library".lol

SNOW SOUNDS An Onomatopoetic story by David A. Johnson
Onomatopoeia- the formation or use of words such as slush or scrape that imitate the sounds associated with the objects or actions they refer to.
This book has spare poetry and lovely water color paintings that bring this story of snow removal to life!
This reminded me of the snow storms of my youth, Princess just wanted to know when we would get some snow!

A Spree in Paree by Catherine Stock.
The title caught my eye (P is a bit of a Francophile)on the library shelf
and the pictures captivated me. The story was cute and Princess has been working on her
own version of what happens next.She thinks the animals will travel to New York City on
their own.Monsieur Monmouton looked way to comfortable in
his old armchair to leave it any time soon.

Chicken in the Kitchen by Tony Johnston illustrated by Eleanore Taylor.
The cover invites you to follow the excitement and find out all the little reasons
that have driven this chicken to peck and pick and poke. I have mentioned before
that we enjoy a rhyming story around here, and this book was no exception.

I hope you can find something here to entertain your children during reading time.
I know I have. Now where is our big fleece blanket, I'm heading back over to the couch
and a little Princess who loves to hear her Momma read to her.


Heather said...

These look great I can not wait to check them out. feel better soon

Sara said...

We liked Chicken in the Kitchen too. I'll have to check out the others, especially the Snow one. Thanks!

Jenny said...

We have Snow Sounds too- I don't think poor CJ will ever see that much snow as long as we stay in Okla.! I'm going to check on the Chicken in the Kitchen- I have a feeling CJ would enjoy that one. I hope you two start feeling better soon!

Mariposa said...

Ami enjoyed Tony Johnston's books, we own a few of the more regional ones. She still loves Lauren Child. She also enjoyed her series for older girls called Clarice Bean. She thought it was hysterically funny,

Anonymous said...

SNOW SOUNDS An Onomatopoetic story and A Spree of Paree both look great. They are on my "to order" from the library file. Oh, will I ever be able to resist? :)

Forte said...

I hope you guys are better soon:(
LOVE the book selection:)

Kate in NJ said...

Thank you all for stopping by, I can't wait to "visit" you all and see what you are up to.
Hopefully we are past the worst of this sick thing. :-)

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Plato said...

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