Tuesday, January 29, 2008

National Puzzle Day

Before I begin, here is a puzzle for all of you,
What is Pumpkin doing?

LOL! He disappeared completely under the cabinet moments after I snapped this
and hasn't been heard from since.....
We will probably spend the day doing

For lunch we will have a variation on this sandwich
Puzzle Sandwich

For a snack you could make a sheet of sugar cookie dough and cut into
"puzzle piece" shapes and decorate..you could use the kind in your refrigerator case if you don't bake,
or don't have time this week.;-) Just separate them enough so they are separate pieces when baked.

My good friend Heather sent me a puzzle website link
Princess is especially fond of this site.

We may do one of these crafts....
Have an old puzzle that is missing pieces?

Use the pieces to decorate a frame
for a fun look for a child's room or family room. If you don't like the "look" of
the pieces you could have the kids paint them in colors you do like.
Just glue on .

Or, glue some onto a strip of cloth or paper or hot glue (parents only please)
to wire and make a set of napkin rings for "family game night".

If you have a puzzle you no longer like...have your kids outgrown
"Blues Clues"? Put the puzzle together and paint or decoupage over it.
Take a digital pic of finished puzzle so you can use as a guide for the puzzle doer.
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Mrs. Darling said...

What a funny cat!

Love the puzzle idea.

Heather said...

Happy Puzzle Day. I think that pupmkin is just trying to be a part of the day. He is giving you a puzzle to work with. I love the site that P likes, she has great taste.

Cher Mere said...

We always seem out of sync with the theme days. Last week was our jigsaw puzzle time.

Andrée said...

this photo made me laugh. this is what my Buddy does when his scrunchy ball goes under the secretary. in fact, i posted a photo of him doing almost the same thing for COT! so i guess he's going for his ball!

Naomi said...

I love the puzzle idea, but seriously, who outgrows Blue's Clues?! I've been watching that show since I nannied way back when and I still love it. Of course, I miss CatDog, GI Joe, and Jem and the Holograms so what do I know?

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Plato said...

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