Thursday, January 31, 2008

Friday January 31,2008

Yes, the title is inspiring, no?
I am actually filled with inspiration today as we gear up for February around here..
Tomorrow is National Freedom Day, and we are going to have a "free" day.
I will let Princess play whatever she likes and draw,paint,sculpt or whatever all day.
Saturday is Groundhogs Day and we will read some books and try to get outside
and look at our shadows..although I think the weather is not going to cooperate.
Sunday is SuperBowl Sunday and since the Giants are in it..we will be watching.
Princess is already planning some great "snacks" for during the game.
Monday will find us back here for school and an Unplugged Group Project
which is to include pipe cleaners I believe. Care to join us and have some fun?
Be sure to link back to Mom Unplugged if you do so we can all see what you
came up with.Tuesday will be another book post..I'm picking up a big stack of good ones
tonight or Friday from our library. I was requesting all evening!
I will be here on Saturday with some of what we do for Groundhogs Day (there are probably pics of crafts we have done in the past if you care to scroll around this blog) I will post pics of what we will be doing
craft wise if you would like an idea or two. Sunday I will post our "month plan" for February for anyone who
wants to join in our crazy "theme" days.Now I need to finish my coffee and get dressed before waking Princess.
We have to pick up something from a local Freecycler this morning before Little Man arrives. ;-)
Today? Oh yes, today we will be doing more puzzles and worksheets and playing with Little Man.
We will also be sorting laundry and cleaning the about you?


Mrs. Darling said...

Its the mundane days that make you know youre healthy and alive. I just love these ordinary days at thsi stage in life. Looking forward to your Feb activities.

Catching Fireflies said...

We love our free days around here. I like them for many reasons but I really enjoy the chance to see what Z chooses to do with herself when she has the chance.

I can't wait to read your post on Sunday.

Maddie, Mad Rambler, Queen of the night zombies... said...

I so like the way you think...

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks Mrs's always nice when you visit.

Cher~ me too..I love watching how interesting P is becoming.

M...LOL, thank you. I hope you'll come back to play.;-)

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Plato said...

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