Tuesday, July 31, 2007

As July ends...

We had a very quiet day here today. We played, and sang, and danced
and we colored and put puzzles together and made a batch of cupcakes.
Some regular size and some minis. I like to keep a batch on hand for those
"special occasions" that happen as we go through our day to day life.
By now you all know how I like to celebrate at the drop of a hat!
(could be the birthday of a friend or family member
who live too far away to celebrate with,
an author whom we enjoy reading...national cupcake day)
Don't think I won't find an excuse for cupcakes!
I make a batch (or two) every few months, and we freeze them.
Then I can pull them out whenever we "need" them and we decorate accordingly.
I didn't take a picture of our baking day, so here is a random one of Princess and some
of her friends enjoying "decorate your own cupcake" at her 4th birthday party.
It was a big hit with the adults as well.
In the evening we joined some family at my Godmother's house for cake for her birthday.
She surprised Princess with a gift of a coloring book and crayons (we are not allowed to bring her gifts)
so we colored when we got home as well. It was a nice day.


Mariposa said...

Great idea to freeze the cupcakes. We throw so many away if my sister doesn't want them.

Patience said...

I have to laugh - I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but Princess looks like some Priestess of the Kitchen, worshipping her cupcake! Adorable! I like the idea of freezing them.

nina said...

I bookmarked the photo of the kids decorating their own cupcake. The party tray is the perfect tool. So cool.

Worshiping the cupcake sounds good to me. I wish I had the discipline to have baked cupcakes frozen in the freezer. I think cake tastes better frozen. I would be eating them for three meals a day until they were gone. :)

Your days always sound like so much fun.

Angela,MotherCRone said...

Cupcakes for everyone! I used to try to do the same thing, only to find that Girlie and Scout had snuck into the basement freezer and were eating them half-thawed!

I love quiet days like that...

The Koch Family said...

What a great day. In my house there never is any left to freeze, no matter how many we bake.

Kate in NJ said...

Thank you all for the nice comments!
Freezing helps me appear more "on top" of my game some days.lol
It also makes me think before I defrost..do I really need to eat another cupcake? lol

Lifeschooling with O said...

That looks fun! Kids always love decorating cupcakes and cookies,a great way to keep them busy;-)

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks- it was fun and the great thing was I didn't have to worry about a whole cake, and we just moved the activity inside when the weather turned crummy! What surprised me was all the adults wanted in on it too!lol

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Plato said...

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