Sunday, July 15, 2007

Birthday Parties

My favorite party is at home in the backyard.
Don't get me wrong, if you want to spend $200.00 a kid
for some over stimulation extravaganza to entertain my daughter for
an afternoon, we're in.We will have a blast and then go home and
recoup in the quiet that is our normal life.
If I am going to throw a party, it will be at home in our backyard.
Party games,music,food made by me.Lots of family and friends
to celebrate with us.I have nothing against people catering their parties,
or buying a cake, I just like to do it myself. It is how I show my love.
I hope when Princess grows up this will be one of the many special memories
she will have that makes her feel my love.Of course there is a chance it will be one of the many
reasons she gives her therapist as proof that I ruined her life! LOL
I'm willing to risk it. ;-)
Yesterday we had a great time at a birthday party for our friend's son. He turned 5 and
the kids played on the swings (where they also put on a circus for us adults) and ran through a sprinkler
and played in a bouncy house and a good time was enjoyed by all. The food was good, the company better
and we all left full and tired. Princess is still sleeping as I write this.
Today we will try to catch up with some other friends and I'm going to try to bring Princess
to a local library's penny book sale.


Lifeschooling with O said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I agree,at that age kids just want to play ,and in order to do that they don't need some extravaganza:)

Jenny said...

I couldn't agree more about backyard birthday parties vs. expensive extravaganzas. The kids look like they were having a wonderful time!

Angela, Mother Crone said...

I totally agree. We almost always have a party at home, on a theme. We've done medevial theme, pirates, luau, barnyard friends, and a Hippie tie-dye party. They are so much more memorable than the same old skating/ Chuck E Cheese parties everyone else has! I also don't agree with having parties every single year once they hit six. Make them special, and even bigger. This is Girlie's year for a big one...I'm sure to start posting ideas soon...

Mariposa said...

The party looked like a lot of fun.

I like backyard parties too and Ami is always involved in the planning down to the decoration of the cake.

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks for all the affirmations Gals!

M- P likes to plan hers as well.

A- I can just imagine the uproar from my family if we stopped having a party every year,lol. We are an "any excuse for a party family".
J & O- They did all have fun just being together..infants to preteen.

nina said...

I'm here to agree with you too. It is my hope that there is a backlash to these expensive show off parties. I must admit, I am such a loser when it comes to the social aspect of raising my dd that she hasn't been invited to any birthday parties so far. I agree with Angela that a child should have a big friends birthday party on every few years. It keeps it special. I am planning to do something a little more special for Citcat's 4th as we had a super low key bday party for her 3rd.

It would be great if a coop of families could share one of those bouncy things. They are so expensive to rent.

Kate in NJ said...

We actually all have been borrowing
the big items from each other...someone has a bouncy house, someone a tent etc..keeps the cost down.

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