Sunday, July 29, 2007

Books on Monday..way before the end of Sunday

Here are some books from our local library...

What elephant? by Genevieve Cote, billed as a whimsical tale of an elephant that is seen..but not necessarily believed, Princess got a chuckle out of the pictures in this book, but the story did not keep her attention.
We'll keep it around for a while and see if it was a mood thing, or a book thing.

Fireflies at Midnight by Marilyn Singer with pictures by Ken Robbins
this was a lovely book of poems ,
our favorite was

watch me

don't watch me
don't see me
in the grass
pass me by

I'm a trick of the eye

don't chase
just erase
what you see
one small smudge
that won't budge
it's not me

Another book of poetry we chose this week was
Climb into my Lap First Poems to Read Together selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins and illustrated by Kathryn Brown
This is a nice selection of poems and the illustrations are very nice too. We are planning on enjoying this in our hammock this weekend..if it doesn't rain.

Four Friends in the Garden by Sue Heap
Princess really enjoyed the pictures and the story reminded me so much of being in our garden together
that we enjoyed this story of four friends chasing a butterfly around the garden.

How to Bake an American Pie by Karma Wilson and illustrated by Raul Colon
I wanted this book for the Fourth of July, but had to wait for it. Princess thought it was "pretty cool".

Buckamoo Girls by Ellen A. Kelley and illustrated by Tom Curry
is an adorable story about two cows who imagine themselves a couple of buckaroo girls.The drawings are fun and so is the story, with plenty of rhyme to keep us giggling!

Thelonius Monster's Sky-High Fly Pie a revolting rhyme by Judy Sierra with delicious drawings by Edward Koren
You know how we both love a book with lots of rhyme, so this made for a real good time!(sorry, I couldn't resist!)
Princess's favorite part was
"Thelonius urgently e-mailed a spider.
He wanted advice from a savvy insider.
"You'll need something sticky" was her reply.
"To catch a fly."


nina said...

It always pleases me to read your book recommendations. I bookmarked Climb into My Lap, HT Bake American Pie and Fireflies at Midnight. They all sound great. Thanks for feeding my obsession.

Kate in NJ said...

I hope you enjoy them Nina!!
Great to hear from you.

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Plato said...

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