Monday, July 2, 2007

Book Picks for the First week of July

Here are some of the books we are reading this week:
July by James Stevenson
This book tells a story about one man's reminiscing about spending the month of July at the beach house of his Grandparents.We enjoyed the watercolor illustrations.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMERICA by Mary Pope Osbourne and Illustrated
by Peter Catalanotto
captures one family's Fourth of July celebration
very nicely. More watercolors...we really enjoyed this one as well.

The next two were chosen by Princess to learn more about the sea shore,

has photographs and information about animals that live in the sea or on the shore.
The info was fine, but it didn't move us or inspire us to learn more or even finish it.

ONE SMALL SQUARE SEASHORE by Donald M. Silver and nicely illustrated by Patricia J. Wynne
more than made up for it however.It had the information Princess wanted, and great illustrations to.
Made us want to drive down the shore (...if only I had my truck back from the shop).

Princess also picked out
By The Sea by Michelle Koch.
This book of opposites has simple,but appealing illustrations.


Mariposa said...

One Small Square is a really nice series.

Kate in NJ said...

Yes, I had to hold myself back from
taking them all out at once. ;-)

Jenny said...

I just put July on hold at the library- I love the look of the illustrations. I liked the look of the One Small Square book too- I've been meaning to try one of those. Thanks for the reminder!

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Plato said...

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