Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm a Rockin' Girl Blogger!

Well, at least my friend Patience thinks so.I can't thank her enough for the kind
words about me and,well, just for reading my blog.
I already asked Patience this question, but do any of you think
I will have to give it back if I admit how totally stoked I am to
get this ? It makes me wish I still fit into my 80's wardrobe..ok,
not all of them, just the really cool stuff !
Now I need to pass it on to 5 more people and since we read a lot of the same people,
I will be leaving off the duplicates (you know I still think you're rockin' though right?)
There are a few "girls" I turn to every day to inform and uplift me and here they are
Cher Mere
who makes me want to be a better homeschooler.
who makes me want to pick up more often before I take a picture.;-)
who just makes it all look like so much fun!
And my good friend who I have never met in person,
hopefully she will post more now that she has her tickets for her trip
back home to Morocco...I miss her when she's busy!
and finally Jenny.
Jenny is a "new find" for me, but I keep going back to look at her "school room" totally rocks!
There are so many others out there, and in my opinion, if you are willing to let me have a peak
into your world...You rock too!!


Ivo said...

Your blog is very interesting!
Have you a nice t-shirt?
Please, send me its photo
and the link of your blog,
I' ll publish in my blog!

nina said...

ITA about Jenny. I just discovered her as well. Isn't that funny. I love her school room. I actually haven't read through the whole post because I want to sit down and really enjoy it.

Finding time for a little quiet time is very difficult right now. I swear if Si were my first child I would never have had another. He is crying non stop today. Teething and grieving and separation anxiety. ugh.....

You do totally rock and I am so glad that we preschool homeschoolers have found each other! Also, we do read all the same people. I agree about what you wrote for each of them. So right about Mariposa. No amount of cleaning will make my photos look that good and Brit, that's how I would love to homeschool but alas there isn't even a handful of cool places to visit where I live.

Mariposa said...

Thank you, Kate that is very sweet of you.

Brit said...

Thank you so much Kate! I love the award, and I love being part of this online community. HSing would be much harder without all the support and sharing of ideas. =)

Kate in NJ said...

Hi Gals! I really do love our online community too!I'm so grateful that you all post and that you come to read mine too. :-)

Jenny said...

Dear Kate,

Thank you so much for the rockin' blogger award! I am just tickled with your kindness. Now I have to go check out some of your other favorite bloggers too:)


P.S. I did some changes in the classroom that I hope to post about soon. I just need to get the room picked up so we can take some more pictures. I'll let you know when I post the updates.

Kate in NJ said...

Your very welcome Jenny and I can't wait to see what you've changed!

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Plato said...

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