Friday, July 13, 2007

Princess goes to the courthouse...

We were supposed to have a play date on Thursday with a friend and her daughter, but
she couldn't make it.Fortunately one of our play group friends called and asked us to meet at Chuck E Cheese's for lunch.
Princess had so much fun playing with one of "her boys" and it was great to catch up
with my friend as well. Since our children play so well together, we actually get to talk.
Very rarely do we need to referee or interfere. It's lovely.I went with another girlfriend to a demonstration that evening
and had more "child free" and "spouse free"fun which I needed very badly.
Today we were hanging out in our jammies and wondering what to do with our day,
when my sister called and asked us to ride with her over to the county seat to take care of
some paperwork at the courthouse. She doesn't like to park in the parking garage alone.
She promised it would not take long, so I said sure and we got dressed and were ready when she arrived.
Unfortunately, I forgot my camera was still in my purse from our play date at Chuck E Cheese the day
before. The police officer was very nice about not letting me into the courthouse with my camera, and Princess and I went outside to wait for my sister to take care of business. I had tossed my purse into a tote bag filled with library books and a math workbook that Princess likes, so we had plenty to do and it was a lovely day!
We sat outside, moving from benches in the sun to a marble planter/bench in the shade and read and colored
and wrote our own story while watching the people move about.
We were home in time for lunch, and have not done much since.
Now I have to put some stuff on my porch for Freecycle. I'm sincerely trying to clean out my basement.

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