Monday, July 23, 2007

More books from our local library...

Princess and I have been enjoying reading some books we borrowed from our library.
Here are some of our favorites;
Up by Jim La Marche
This book is about a boy who is tired of being called "little mouse" by his family, he wants to be strong enough to help on the family fishing boat. He wants to be taken seriously. One day he gets so mad at being left behind, that he moves an oyster cracker up off the table with his only his will. He practices his secret talent until one day he helps move a beached whale back out into the sea.The illustrations are so lovely and evocative, Princess spent about half an hour "re-reading" it to herself after we were done.

Butterfly Eyes and other secrets of the meadow written by Joyce Sidman and illustrated by Beth Kromms
is a unique combination of poetry riddles and science information.The scratchboard illustrations are fabulous!
Beginning with the rising sun and ending with twilight, it takes you on a journey through the fields where rabbits,grasshoppers,a fox all live.

Kate,the Cat and the Moon by David Almond and Stephen Lambert
was a very fun read for Princess! A little girl hears a cat outside her window and as she runs down the stairs, she becomes a cat too! Is it a dream? Was she pretending? Could it really happen? We all had a different opinion,
but one thing we all agreed on was this was a fun book!Princess liked how the family talked about what they dreamed in the morning..just like we do.

What Shall we Play? by Sue Heep
This was a cute story about three friends who take turns deciding what to play.
Princess likes games where you imagine to be something else, a tree, a car, a fairy, just like the children in the book. Cute drawings.

Odd Velvet by Mary E. Whitcomb and illustrated by Tara Calahan King
We loved this book! Odd Velvet is not like all the other kids in her class, and we
wish she lived near us.Very heartwarming. I will say it again...we loved it!
Princess especially loved the birthday party at Velvet's house.
We are deep in the "planning" stage for her 5th birthday celebration around here, so
notes were taken.....

It is a very rainy day here in New Jersey so we are going to go curl up with another stack of books and read,read,read today. Won't you join us?


Lifeschooling with O said...

You picked up some nice books,I just LOVE the library;-)

Mariposa said...

I like your July bulletin board. It sounds like you have a lovely day planned for Princess.

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks Gals!
We had a lovely rainy day filled with books and dollies.

Jenny said...

You really got some great books this week- I'm off to check and see which ones our library has. BTW, CJ just loves Three Pebbles and a Stone, and when she wants my husband or I to read it, she just asks for Moses!

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Plato said...

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