Monday, July 23, 2007

Very Busy Sunday

Sunday started out quietly enough around here, sharing a cup of coffee and quiet time with Farmer Dad
before Princess woke up.Then it was breakfast,showers,pick up toys and
get ready for the HI-5 concert in New Brunswick.
Our good friend and her daughters picked Princess and I up and we drove into downtown New Brunswick for some delicious pizza. The weather was perfect. Blue skies, sunny,warm, but not hot. Perfect.Another friend and her son met us at the pizzeria and we all walked over to the State Theatre for the concert.The kids and the adults all enjoyed the show..boy can those kids sing and dance!
Hi-5 was pretty good too ;-).Princess's favorite is Jen.You may notice Princess has a purple nose in all the pictures, she hit it on the coffee table Saturday afternoon and woke up with a terrible scrape Sunday.
I put some MEDERMA for kids on it to hopefully stop any scarring, so it looks even worse in the pictures. (Today there is a big purple scab..yuk!) After the concert we headed home where Farmer Dad and some of his buddies were jammin' in the basement.
Being music lovers, we quickly made plans to be somewhere else...not because they play badly (how could you think I would say that?) but because we knew they would enjoy the undisturbed time to play.Oh yeah, it was LOUD. ;-)
When we got to our friend's house, we all headed over to her neighbors for a swim and Princess was very happy to see her true love (so she tells anyone who will listen) "science boy" .The sight of Princess mooning over "science boy" never sits well with our friend's son, and the fight began. I won't lie, it got a little ugly. Six year old children are not known for their self control, neither he nor Princess were quite sure what happened, or why, but it was over quickly and his Mom took him home to cool off. We stayed with "Science boy" and his Mom and little brother for a bit while they swam and played and he caught a butterfly for her to look at and we saw a hummingbird on the flowers in the yard.Then he brought out some magazines for her to look at as he explained how to tell all the animals apart(Bucks,Does and Elk for instance) and where they lived. He is a mini animal encyclopedia! Is it any wonder our little "science girl" is "in love"?
We could hear our friend's back outside and done with his punishment, so we all headed over there for some
"slip n' slide" play and dinner. Farmer Dad and our friend's husband joined the kids on the slip n slide (heated up from all that guitar playing no doubt)Things went well for a while and then...well it got a little dicey again.
We headed home and got into jammies.Princess is still not sure why her friend got mad at her,"boys are so weird!" was how she put it.All in all it was another nice Sunday, but I'm ready to rest tomorrow!

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Lifeschooling with O said...

It sounds like a really fun day!!

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Plato said...

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