Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bits of learning and playing....

That is how our days usually go. We may do some schoolwork in the morning and then have a play date
or go on a "learning adventure" as Princess loves to call them now.
Yesterday we did a bit of workbook and some other coloring type things and Princess played with
so many different toys that the day just flew by.In the evening Farmer Dad set up her sprinkler in the pool for her to cool off a bit. Today we got up and out pretty early for us, because we
had a "Breakfast in the Park" play date with some of our very good friends in play group.
Princess was very happy to see her "gal pal" has been a while since our schedules matched up
for a get together. They missed each other quite a bit, so we promised to not go so long until next time.
She also had a few of "her boys" there. It was nice to sit in the park enjoying an iced coffee and light refreshments while the kiddies ran and climbed and pushed each other on the swings.We left just as it began to get hot and sunny out. Perfect timing! On the way home we stopped to purchase a present for our friend who turns 5 this weekend.
We have his party Saturday, and found something his Mom told us he would like.Princess is so excited for him to
open it and it's not even wrapped yet. We decided in the store to make him a card. I will print out pictures of them playing together over the past 5 years and Princess will cut them out and glue them on and embellish as she sees fit. She really likes to make her own cards...the store bought never seem to properly convey her wishes for the occasion. I think it is funny that she has an idea at 4.5 of what wishes she wants to convey!


nina said...

Ok, you answered this panicked momther's question. P is 4.5. Citcat is not quite 2.5 and has absolutely no scissor skills. It drives me nuts. I just now set out the scissors for her to use this morning.

Your days sound wonderful. I wish Citcat would play with toys all day. I can't get her to play alone or independently. I just put play in "playroom by myself" on her behavior chart. She is happy to do anything on the chart. So we'll see if it sticks a bit better.

Are you planning to school year around?

Kate in NJ said...

N- LOL, she'll get them when she needs them! ;-)
I'm not sure about the all year round, but I think so. I'd rather break when we need it then all at once! :-)

Lifeschooling with O said...

That sounds like a great day! Princess seems to have fun learning:) Excellent coloring BTW!

Brit said...

Breakfast in the Park! What a great idea! I think we will become morning people now that we know how hot it gets on the East Coast.

Kate in NJ said...

LOL, great to hear form you Brit!

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Plato said...

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