Tuesday, July 17, 2007

And now we are reading.....

And then it rained...And then the sun came out... by Crescent dragonwagon and illustrated by Diane Greenseid
We loved this book about a city waiting for it to rain and then it rains for several days and they get bored doing all the things you enjoy doing the first day or two of rain, and then the sun comes out....
Princess loves "flipping" the book over for the next story and the illustrations are so colorful.

Three Pebbles and a Song by Eileen Spinelli with pictures by S.D. Schindler
is an adorable tale about how each member of a family contributes to the families happiness in their own way.
Princess really enjoyed the pictures of this little mouse family.

We have another book out by Eileen Spinelli this one with illustrations by Jane Dyer
Sophie's Masterpiece.
This story moved Princess and I both to tears and maybe, just maybe we will let the next spider that we find
weaving in our home just be, but I wouldn't count on it.

Louella Mae, She's run away! by Karen Beaumont Alarcon with Illustrations by Rosanne Litzinger
Princess loves the rhyming quality of this authors books and wants us to read them over and over again. Her favorite line in this one is

Look in the cornfields!
Look in the hay!
Where ,oh where, is Louella Mae?

The funniest part was finding out who Louella Mae is (don't worry I won't ruin the surprise here) at the end of the story.

We also finally convinced our library to order another Karen Beaumont book this one with illustrations by David Catrow I Like Myself!
Have to say we loved this as well. My fave:

No matter if they stop and stare,
no person
can make me feel that what they see
is all there really is to me.

Princess herself picked out the following book:

C is for Cooking recipes from Sesame Street
by Susan McQuillan,RD
She has been bugging me to try a different recipe every day.
I have so many books out right now, and need to get back to coloring with Princess,
so I will list more tomorrow.
Have a wonderful day filled with reading and coloring and maybe making a bit of a mess along with your children
today, instead of trying to clean up around them or seeing the mess instead of the fun.
That's what I'm going to do, maybe I'll even be brave enough to post the pictures later to prove it!


Jenny said...

What perfect timing- we just brought several books back to the library. I like the way you photographed the books you got too- I may have to "borrow" that idea! I'd been contemplating a fingerpainting session for this afternoon, and you helped me make up my mind- here's to a day filled with fun messes!

Kate in NJ said...

LOL Jenny, hope you had fun!
I'm still trying to get play doh off my kitchen floor. ;-)

Mariposa said...

I liked the photo also.

Lifeschooling with O said...

What a nice selection of books!

nina said...

I might try the photo as well. I like doing the sidebar for variety on the page but a photo for each week would help me remember as well.

Let's see-I love I Like Myself mostly because it is a great read aloud and a brown skinned girl. I booked marked Louella Mae. Also, she wrote Move Over, Rover, a book that was on my weekly list a few weeks ago. Beaumont really has a talent for writing great books to read aloud and the great illustrators that her publisher pairs her with are such a treat. I love Jane Dyer. Sophies's Masterpiece is a favorite but it really chokes me up to read it. As an adoptive parent it needles me a bit. Not sure how it effects ohters in that regards. It is a beautiful.

I booked marked Three Pebbles and A Song. I wonder if it is like Fredrick?

I hope you are having a great day.

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks Gals,
I appreciate all the "comment love" today! (and everyday)
I still have a big stack to get through, but we've been so busy here..

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Plato said...

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