Saturday, July 21, 2007

Beauty, Art and Play

I always enjoy checking in with my blogland friends, but
the last couple of days I have really been enjoying
reading Mariposa .I really relate to her vision
for what her daughter needs in her day every day.
Take some time today if you are one of the few who don't
read her, to stop in and see for yourself.

In light of my agreement with her on these requirements,
Princess sat beside me painting while we watched the Food Network
as is our habit on Saturday mornings.Normally she is more engrossed in
the cooking, but today she wanted to paint.

Now she is sitting with Farmer Dad on our 3 season porch talking about
gardening and plays we might order tickets for in the fall.


Mariposa said...

Thank you, Kate.

Princess looks like she really enjoyed herself.

Patience said...

Mariposa is wonderful, isn't she? And her posts lately have been beautiful.

I love how much fun art and craft you do with Princess. What a joyful life she has.

Kate in NJ said...

You are welcome Mariposa, thank you
for the inspiration!

Patience, Thank you! You are also a joy to read!

nina said...

As always Princess looks so joyful when she is making art. Seeing her photo this morning inspired me to let Citcat finger paint. She is happily doing it right now. I discovered if I offer her one color at a time she is less inclined to mixing all the colors together to make brown. lol.

Oh and thanks for the direction to Mariposa's posts. It is amazing how much you can miss if you skip a few days from reading blogs. Life has been really hard for us right now. Si is still crying almost non-stop and he is impossible to put down to sleep. He wakes several times each night. It is hard to be cheerful as I am exhausted and oh so disheartened by the troubles we are having. Oh well, he is sleeping now and Citcat is playing with paint. I may not get to too many blogs but yours is one I like to read everyday. :)

We read Wings of Migration this morning. The illustrations are amazing. We read A Sip of Aesop yesterday. Wow, those poems are wonderful. I want a copy of it. We read only the ones that we have studied. It is a great compliment to reading the stories.

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Plato said...

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