Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday Book Post

Saturday morning, on my way home from my Grandmother's,
I stopped off at the library to pick up some books I had on hold
and take a look around while I was on my own to see what else
I could find. Here are some of the books which caught my eye...
Can You Greet the Whole Wide World?
12 common phrases in 12 different languages
by Lezlie Evans and Denis Roche

I do wish I had this last week for World Hello Day,
but it was still enjoyable.
The Red Book by Barbara Lehman is a book without words.
Princess really enjoys being able to "fill in the blanks" herself,
so I knew she would enjoy it. We had to take it out, because
we were reading Museum Trip by the same author and
were enjoying it.
Monsoon by Uma Krishnaswami with pictures by Jamel Akib
is a story about a family in India waiting for the Monsoon season
to start. Princess and I were both enthralled..I could smell the mangoes!
Dawn Watch by Jean E. Pendziwol with pictures by Nicolas Debon
is a story about a girl and her Dad sailing across Lake Superior one night.
Naturally, Princess now wants to go sailing across the lake with her Dad...
but then the pictures were so lovely, so do I.
Bumpety Bump by Pat Hutchins
was sitting on the table at the library and it was so cold outside, I had to take home
some sunshine and warm days in the garden. This fit the bill!
Fun read..filled with rhyme and happy pictures of a boy and his Grandpa picking
fresh veg out of the garden.
The Dragon Snatcher by MP Robertson...we requested this book so long ago,
I no longer remember why I wanted to read it.I think it was because we read and loved
The Egg when we read it.Princess is really enjoying it.
THE POLAR EXPRESS by Chris Van Allsburg
this is one of Princess's favorite holiday stories and sadly, we do not own a copy of the book.
Maybe Santa will bring one this year.....


Mrs. Darling said...

How funny. I was here reading your blog when my messenger pops up telling me you had commented on mine!

I love your book posts though I rarely get to read any of the recommended books!

Heather said...

I am definetly going to have to check out the greetings one, it will go well with our around the world theme. Also The Red Book, Gabes favorite is red. Everything has to be red with him. Thanks for the suggestions. I also wanted to say thanks again that you mentioned that math book on last weeks entry. I found some others by him and they are wonderful. Sam is very excited. I did get my new list posted if you want to see it.

Jenny said...

I hope my library has the greetings one too- that sounds like a lot of fun. And I've been trying to decide if CJ is ready for Polar Express- I guess there's only one way to find out! :o)

Thanks for another great list!

chanale said...

I just did library internet reserves for almost all the books in your post, so they should be here in 4 days or so. I'll bet the library will be sorry that they recently lifted the $1/book internet reserve fee. ;-)

We were just reading the Robertson books! I had to return a couple, but we still have The Egg at home. Nicely done they are. :)

nina said...

The Monsoon book looks fantastic. It is on my list to order.

Suzanne, I can't believe you had a $1 charge for reserving. I hope my library doesn't resort to that. Our system has been under a lot of budget crunches in the past few years. I reserve 25 books a week. That would put a huge stop to my surfing and ordering.

Kate in NJ said...

Oh..a charge would put me off too...our library has this whole online service thing they are trying to get more patrons to use..you can enter a bar code in from your receipt
and they will e-mail you books you might like. I don't do this, just because I already have my head filled with books I need or want to read..it might explode with one more suggestion source! lol

amanda said...

I love your book posts! I just put a request in for the Red Book at our library.

Polar Express is a favorite here too :) I love Christmas books.

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