Friday, November 2, 2007

Random things from this week....

Princess and I had a lot of fun this week, in between getting ready for Halloween

and having Little Man here, we actually got some school done.
I didn't take many pictures of it, but it did happen.
We read many books, listened to Rabbit Hill on cd during snack time.
We cooked together (which is both a life skill and a math lesson),
we painted and drew,
and colored and made patterns and counted

and practiced her scissor skills and her penmanship.
We did crafts and played with dolls, the play kitchen,blocks,puzzles
and felt boards. We made up songs and games and told each other silly stories.
We learned a bit about the Statue of Liberty (Sunday was Statue of Liberty day).
We learned a bit about pet care and cats in particular.Princess has been very good at
feeding and changing the water for the cats this week. She even swept up the spilled
crunchies on the feeding mat.She learned to be a bit more patient thanks to Little Man being around,
she is enjoying her "part time" sibling for the time being and is much less resentful than I thought she would be.
We did some interesting "floating" experiments in the bathtub.
Today we are supposed to have our Science Playgroup, but the Mom who runs it has been
under the weather, so it may be postponed. We hope she is feeling better and I know
Princess misses seeing the girls. We are also going to try to meet up with one of Princess's
favorite boys and his Mom a bit later on. She is really looking forward to that as well.
Did I mention Farmer Dad took a vacation day today? He is insulating the porch/schoolroom
windows right now.It has become quite cold here at night, although it was beautiful on Halloween.


chanale said...

Excellent week! That's a really good cat, too. :) (Well, I meant the drawing, but your ginger cat looks like a darling!)

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks C!
I loved the cat, but P didn't, so she made something else on the other side
and cut it out! That is why I took a picture...I was so sad to see it go. lol

Cher Mere said...

Princess must be having a great time.

How was Rabbit Hill? We have the audio tape checked out but we haven't listened to it yet.

Fun Mommy of 2 said...

What a week. The little boy looks so cute. He must love it there.

Daphne said...

We have that same kitchen... and the same hello kitty bowl and cup (and plate). I think we aspire to be like you guys! :) I'm glad P is adjusting to all her changes so well :) That always makes life easier for everyone (especially the mommies)

Kate in NJ said...

CM, Rabbit Hill was pretty good, but P was not as into it as I had hoped.
Thanks Yas- he has been , and very tired at night I'm told ;-)
You must have very good taste.;-)

Learning with O said...

That's great she had the chance to have a part time sibling, lots of wonderful life skill opportunities;-)Kudos to her for being so patient, O would not have been, at that age!

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks LWO!
It will be full time for the next 3 weeks, so let's hope it continues.;-)

amanda said...

Glad to hear things are going well with the Little Man. It sounds like you have a great arrangement going. I bet he is loving spending his days with you and P--you are always up to something fun.

And that Freecycle find was such a score--lucky Pumpkin :)

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