Wednesday, November 7, 2007

This blog has been G Rated

Those of you who do not know me personally will not
get the joke, but those who do, will be laughing with me (or is that at me?)
Either's funny to me.


Frankie said...

Oh, don't tell me...are you like me? G rated blogger but R (or worse) Rated potty mouth in real life?

reprehriestless warillever said...

I wasn't too surprised with my G rating.

I've missed a lot during my internet diet -- a new cat, a new job (babysitting), insulation.......

Daphne said...

Hey! I laughed at my G-rating too. I may have a family friendly blog (after all, it is about preschool)... but I coulda been a sailor. Then I have a DH who told my 3 year old it's totally fine to say "What the heck"... too bad his permission didn't include context. I now have a child that yells "WHat the!" at horrible times in public places.... *sigh* We have a lot we need to "work on".

Kate in NJ said...

Frankie- um..yeah..but I am from NJ ;-)
I have gotten better since having my P, but I still have a long way to go.

B- We've missed more. lol

D- I know exactly what you mean.
I try to keep it "pre-school" appropriate too around here.

scjacobs said...

I think mine got a PG rating when I tried it many months ago, and I can't remember why it didn't get a G. All I can say is that so often I'm tempted to use coarse language but have to restrain myself on the blog for fear someone will be offended - so I save it for private e-mail instead. :)

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Plato said...

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