Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Pictures

Princess had many costumes on all day trying to decide what to be
for Halloween. She finally decided on "Snow White".
This was exciting for me, because she usually decides to be Cinderella,
and lets face it, that is not much of a stretch..she already has light eyes and blond hair.
I pulled a surprise out of my closet, a Snow White wig I purchased on clearance a while ago
that I was saving for a "special treat". I did her make up, including using pencil on her eyebrows
more befitting of an ebony haired princess. She had the entire ensemble on, (I didn't even get a photo)
when she decided the wig was too uncomfortable....after a major temper tantrum (mine), we started pulling stuff out of the "Halloween" box
and found and old black dress of mine that many others have worn as a "witch" costume.
We added her "happy green" tights an exercise top of mine with the same colors underneath an old shawl from the box and one of my many witches hats and we were ready to go.
This was a "win win" solution, because she wasn't fiddling with anything (good for me)and
she still got to wear her red sparkly shoes(good for her). I usually keep my candy for the trick or treaters who come to our house in the cauldron, but clearly we needed it for Princess.
My sister added the "safety pumpkin necklace".

Princess and I missed the play group get together
in the morning, but we did get some laundry and
general house cleaning done.
Our friend brought her son (the pirate) and our other
friend's son (Super Man) over to play with our little witch.

We took them to the block behind us for some Trick or Treating.

We hit about half the houses on that block before we needed to get
Super Man to a potty and then they left to hit up their neighborhood.
Farmer Dad took Princess to our next door neighbor's house and then my
sister picked us up to Trick or Treat in their neighborhood with her friend's son
(Tigger),he is the little boy I have been watching.

Her other friend and her daughter
also joined us(Barney's Bride) she brought her bear "Bob" in his Barney Costume.
She brings Bob everywhere, which I think is really cute. Princess never had a "lovey".
After meeting up at Great Grandma's house,

we set out with the other witches and goblins.Princess really enjoys all the "scary" decorations the best, but it was hard to get a good picture as it got darker.
I took a picture of her "haul" after only 4 or 5 blocks and truthfully we only went to the houses
we thought were decorated nicely after the first block with my sister.
Then I realized half of her candy was in another bag on the dining room table.
We had "off loaded" during our travels because her cauldron got too heavy to carry
up all the walkways, many of which were quite long and steep.
Her cackle was divine by the way.
My Mom would have been proud!


Heather said...

Looks Like it was a great Halloween for her. Loved the costume.

Mariposa said...

I have been anxiously checking on and off this morning to see how cute she looked and what costume was settled on.

She looks darling. It came out great any way.

In the movie The Wizard of Oz the Witch of East has ruby slippers. (The book is different.)

Fun Mommy of 2 said...

How cute she looked. We had a similar episode here. I let ds be creative. He finally decided on being a "ninja". What a fun night for her. That was too funny how you got her all dressed up for Snow white and she ended up being a witch. If only these kids had a favorite and would stick with it. LOL

divinagrace said...

Glad you and P had a happy time! We had fun, too.

Daphne said...

I laughed so hard about the little tantrum (yours) that DH asked what could possibly be so funny. I LOVE the pictures, I was home handing out candy - DH was so excited that he refused to stay home. I'm glad you guys had such an awesome time :)

Learning with O said...

Princess looked really cute:) That candy looks so very tempting;-)

Barney's Bride, that's an adorable idea!

Angela said...

Oh, the fun of Halloween! It certainly looks like you had a nice evening. I am giggling over the wig incident, as we had the very same things happen here years ago, albeit an Ariel wig. She decided that a blonde mermaid was just as good!

Cher Mere said...

I love the pictures. I am glad Princess had a successful and fun Halloween (except for the brief upset over Snow White *grin*)

Wisteria said...

What a cute little witch!! And great decorations.

Naomi said...

Barney's bride! lol I never thought of it that way. You crack me up.

nina said...

The shawl was perfect. What a great witch!

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