Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pretty good, but not perfect.

That is my life,pretty good, but not perfect.Princess and I did some
bread baking on Saturday.The bread we made Thursday was gone and we wanted more.
We made the usual recipe, and then I tried to make a bread dough that I have never tried before.
It did not work. Instead I got out the rolling pin and bag of cookie cutters,
and let Princess have at it. We made some cute decorations. I just baked them until they were hard.
We painted them this morning after breakfast.We did some turkeys and some snowflakes and some little Christmas shapes. I have no idea what we'll do with them when we are done, but we did have fun.
I'm hoping she also learned a couple of good life lessons.
I am not perfect, and sometimes you can
make decorations out of bad dough.
We still have more to do, but once Princess gets her hands covered in paint, she wants a bath.
She spent a good part of the afternoon with my sister while I did laundry and stopped in at the library for some books I had on hold. I will post about my book selections on Tuesday.
On Monday we will be joining Mom Unplugged for her group project.


Mariposa said...

The decorations came out really nice and Princess did a good job painting. The bread looks great as well did you do it in a bread maker?

Daphne said...

We also had a less than ideal baking adventures with a never before tried recipe! I'm glad you were able to make good of your bread - our cookies found their way to our compost pile.

Learning with O said...

How fun, they turned out really nice too!

Heather said...

P is really talented in the art.

Angela said...

I like that...perfect is over-rated. What fun you are having! The bread looks amazing, and P looks in her element painting!

nina said...

Wonderful and resourceful. We all need to read lessons in appreciating the imperfect. P can really paint.

BTW, Citcat isn't happy until her hands are covered in paint. It always leaves me a little worried that she will streak through the house making a mess. :)

Anonymous said...

That bread is making me hungry. What a wonderful way to recycle failed dough. I would not have thought of that! Thanks for the idea!

Cher Mere said...

Nobody's perfect. We pick up the pieces and try to make it work out. I think that is a great lesson.

scjacobs said...

What a creative way to turn lemons into lemonade. :) I think I would have cried and tossed it in the garbage.

reprehriestless warillever said...

What a wonderful way to learn an important lesson!

Plus, the turkeys are really cute.

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