Friday, November 16, 2007

Friends on Friday

Princess woke up in a lovely mood today.
She fed her cats and snuggled Pumpkin
for a while.
Farmer Dad was already out of the house,
doing the food shopping, so we hung out together
while we waited for him to return.
We made her bed and she picked up the living room
in preparation for the arrival of her friends.
There was no telling her that they would not arrive until 3:00pm,
and it was only 8:00am.
Farmer Dad came home with the food and we all put it away.
Princess and I did a bit of reading and she colored for a while.
Little Man arrived in time for lunch and we all sat together.
He was very excited to have Farmer Dad join us!
Princess put on some music and they danced and played
some musical instruments while I folded laundry.
Farmer Dad sucked up leaves and moved more boxes around downstairs.
Little Man started doing his "I can no longer stand on my own power" thing,
so I put him in my room for his nap. I pulled the shades almost all the way down
put his mat on the floor turned around to give him a pillow and blanket, and he was asleep!
He slept through the arrival of "the twins", three very loud giggling girls peeking in on him
(Princess wanted to show off her new "little brother"), the same girls having a "make your own sundae"
party in the kitchen, and then playing dress up and barbies in the room next to him at the top of their lungs.
He even slept through the arrival of their Dad and their departure. The last half hour he slept I had the door open
so he would wake up. He was tired! Princess woke him up before her friends were gone and they danced and then we had story time with a snack. Today was only the second time he did not cry when his Dad came to pick him up.Princess has been trying to "train him" to say "Hi Daddy,I love you!" when he gets picked up.
Two days in a row we had "Daddy!" so we're making progress.


divinagrace said...

I'm enjoying the toddler stage with my little girl, but I also can't wait until she has some girly friends to play with too when she's older.

P always looks like she's having a great time!

Patience said...

Great day!

I love her bed. I want one like that.

Angela said...

Sounds totally wonderful! Glad you are having such great success with Little Man as well. Enjoy your weekend.

Fun Mommy of 2 said...

Wow P looks so big when having her friends over. When ds has his boy friends over they seem so grown up. Those girls must love coming over. Sundaes?? Yum ,Love it.

Learning with O said...

They looked so happy together playing! I agree they seem older, of course girls are always a tad more mature than boys;-)

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