Thursday, November 8, 2007

A small view into Princess's world....

This week has been flying by. We are getting used to Little Man's new hours
and Princess has been sleeping by 10pm every night this week!
That is something of a record around here!!
She has also been up by 8:30 and ready to get dressed and do a bit
of "school" before Little Man arrives. She is happy to see him and enjoys
his company while he is here. I have to admit, this still surprises me.
She has always "loved" him, but I wasn't sure she would take so easily
to losing my undivided attention or sharing her stuff and home turf so readily.
I did move her Barbie Dream house into her room and brought some more
appropriate toys out to the living room for her to share with him.
I also put my rocking chair in front of the hallway to "block" him from going down the
hall and into the bedrooms. It really only serves as a "visual block", as he can easily walk around it, but it has been working.
I told her she can go to her room when she needs to get away from him or just wants to play with something
that would be a choking hazard for him. She hasn't actually done it yet.
She really enjoys entertaining him and "teaching him", and it has been nice. My big problem is getting her to leave him be for a bit of quiet time. I don't force him to sleep, but he has fallen asleep most days for at least a half hour,
usually she decides to lay next to him, and he "wakes up mysteriously and all on his own" within seconds.
lol She is looking forward to "teaching him" to finger paint and do all the other things she likes so much.
For my part, I'm trying to teach him to call his cup a cup and not a "babba" and to stop myself from "trying" to teach him too much too soon. This is harder with a "second" than I expected. It is fun to "re-live" some of the fun stuff of this age, and I must admit, I forgot how much I dislike changing "dirty" diapers.
Princess is drawing with her oil pastel crayons as I type and we will read and play a game of UNO
before Little Man arrives. I promised last night before bed that we would do it first thing, but upon awakening, she just "had to draw what was in her brain".
I will post a pic or two from the last couple days.
Princess loves using the cat climber as a "Puppet Theatre" .


Cher Mere said...

This post to so timely for me. Z has a 3 year old cousin that just moved in with my mother - 6 houses a way.

I was worried she might be jealous and that they wouldn't get along but he LOVES her and Z usually enjoys plaing with him. He has, in her opnion, upset the order of some of her games and he does still need to learn to share (and walk not run, and talk in an inside voice and not respond with "No!" to everything). We are not babysitting him like you are doing with your fellow. In our case that would be too disruptive.

But we do have fun with him when he comes to visit everyday.

amanda said...

I love that she had to draw what was in her brain. That's wonderful :)

I wish my little one could have a big kid friend like P to have fun with. It sounds like its really going great.

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks Cher and Amanda,
I was worried about how she would handle it, but
she is great 98% of the time.
The other 2% she tolerates him.

Mariposa said...

Wow, it is going so well. Congratulations to both of you!

Daphne said...

Almost 2 is a fun age. It's so easy to forget it though until you see it and are reminded. I love B being so bitty, but I can't wait until she's about that age and just big enough to really start playing with Soph. It's awesome that P is so well adjusted, and she's going to learn so much by teaching him! After all - teaching is a sign of mastery :) It's good to know she has mastered finger painting :)

Angela said...

I am so glad this is working out well for you all. There is something to be said for adding a new dimension to your days as well. It may just ground her in ways that help her through the next steps of her maturity. I am of the strong opinion that there is nothing sweeter than a 6-9 yr old little girl!!!

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Plato said...

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