Monday, November 12, 2007

The Tale of Pumpkin Kitten

Princess spent the morning "reading" to Pumpkin.
Her choice was The Tale of Tom Kitten.
They had fun and they were together until Little Man arrived.
I'd like to say we got a lot of "school" done today, but other than her helping me
get a batch of bread dough together and our usual reading, we did nothing.
Princess did take out her big "lego" like blocks to play with Little Man and she played
on the computer while he napped. We painted the other side of our ornaments too.
It was a pretty nice day.


Patience said...

I have to laugh. "We did nothing." Ha! You need more experience in making impressive What We Did Today lists! Look:

Shared Reading
Fine Motor Skills

This is an "at least" account of what you did today according to your post. I'll bet there's a lot more as well!


Jenny said...

I LOVE the picture of Princess reading to Pumpkin with his feet sticking out the bottom of the book- great shot!

Angela said...

I am really worried that Pumpkin isn't getting enough attention! ;) I am glad things are going so well for you!!

scjacobs said...

The photo of the feline-Princess reading session is priceless! :)

What does P do on the computer?

Kate in NJ said...

Thank you all! should be worried..this poor cat...;-)
SCJ. P plays many games (her fave is roller coaster tycoon)and she likes
Starfall as well.
P- ((hugs))

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Plato said...

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