Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rainy day in the Garden State

It rained all day today. First it drizzled,
then it poured, then it drizzled some more.
I like the rain, but today I could have used some sun.
I wasted countless hours putting clothes away in
storage bins and clearing clutter from our basement today
only to have Farmer Dad come home and point to the parts
I did not get done and totally tick me off!
Now I 'm sorry I bothered at all.He wants to have his buddies come over and play guitar
on Saturday evening. He wants us to clear out for that. I was fine with that until now.
Unfortunately he has the next 3 days off...argh! He's already really in my way..what will
I do for the next 3 days? I should make a shopping list for the supermarket and send him first thing
in the morning.
Princess woke up Little Man again from his nap which just makes him cranky.
Between her and her father..I'm now cranky.
We made a lot of bread today and the kids played in the tunnel again and listened to music.
Princess tried desperately to teach him how to put a puzzle together. She was doing them at his age,
and just cannot understand when some little kids don't know how, or don't enjoy them.She has also been trying to teach him his alphabet...she is very patient.
The upside is my girlfriend called and her girls want to come over for a "Camp Katie Day" after school
Tomorrow, Princess is very excited! I'll have to think of something fun for us to do!!


Fun Mommy of 2 said...

Kate I have been decluttering for days and when I mentioned to ds, he had a very puzzled look on his face. Long story short, I got very emotional and one thing led to another. lol WHy bother cleaning? hehehe

Angela said...

Isn't that the most frustrating? Do yourself a favor and stop expecting the menfolk to ever really see things from our perspective. I know my DH watched the kids much differently than I ever did. He would sit in his laz-y-boy and check on them only when one was screaming! LOL! I would come home to torn apart rooms and hours of cleanup, and he would wonder what was so hard about watching them! Argh!
You are looking at this the wrong way though. You go shopping for a few hours and have him entertain the kids. Tell him to do the last few bits of storage as well, since it isn't a big deal, while making sure the kids don't make too much of a mess. {evil grin} If he is the organized sort that can do all that at once, might as well make use of it! If he's normal, he'll be eating crow in a few hours.

Cher Mere said...

Sorry about your frustrations.

You are getting a lot of play out of that tunnel. That was a good investment.

Have fun with your "camp"!

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Plato said...

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