Sunday, November 18, 2007

One Wild Night

Saturday found us all cleaning the basement so Farmer Dad could have his buds over to jam
for a bit. Mostly we moved the stuff from one end to another so they had room for all the
equipment. At first it was just loud, but after a while it started to sound like music.
Princess was rescued while it was loud by my niece (thanks Steph)who picked her up to meet my sister
who had promised her "Aunt Shell" time earlier. We were going to hang out with my friend and her
son, but the timing of "AS time" didn't work out to do both. I went and picked her up before most
of the guys left, so she jammed with them for a bit before they played a game of pool or two and headed
home. It was a nice evening.I am trying to convince her to let me post a bit of video of her singing, but
she said no. It is not the best portion of her jam for sure, but still very cute to me.
She will allow the use of some photos, so here they are.

Princess with her new guitar

Playing the harmonica

Singing with Jon and F. Dad (he's to the right)
Pretty soon everyone else started playing along while she was singing too.
My favorite part is how she taps her right foot to the music.
The lyrics, as always, are pure "Princess"..she prefers her music to be her own and very "organic".
I will work on her to allow the video..even though it's not the greatest.


Fun Mommy of 2 said...

I would love to see video. :) What a fun night for her.

Learning with O said...

Princess must have had a blast:)

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Plato said...

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