Monday, May 14, 2007


I am sitting here looking at and through the stack of books we have out of the library
right now and I have about 13 that I haven't written something about yet.
Some were recommended by Nina
like Beatrix Potter by Alexandra Wallner
and The Listening Walk by Paul Showers and illustrated by Aliki.
or Lucia and the Light by Phyllis Root
Princess enjoyed The Listening Walk a great deal , and she liked the Beatrix Potter book, but was not enthralled with it and had no interest in the Lucia book, although we will have it out for
a while longer and try again. We will take it back out when winter rolls around again.
We will also take out a Very Brave Witch by Alison McGhee and Harry Bliss in October.
Princess really enjoys Halloween.We both enjoyed the illustrations.
Behold the Umbrellaphant by Jack Prelutsky and Carin Berger
was a lot of fun for me to read, but Princess didn't really get it.


nina said...

Kate, I haven't read Lucia to Citcat just yet. I know she wouldn't enjoy it at her age. I would have been surprised if Princess liked it right now. Perhaps when we are wrapped in darkness it will become more real.

I bookmarked the Very Brave Witch. Citcat loves witches and anything spooky. Crazy kid. Alison McGhee also wrote that wonderful new book "Someday." Have you read it yet?

My stacks of books waiting for a mention on my blog is growing out of control. I'm actually trying to write some filler posts for when we bring our son home. I don't think I will have much time to write thoughtful book posts at first.

Kaber said...

i still havent read to my boys much this week...

bad mommy....

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Plato said...

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