Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day 2007

Our town celebrated Memorial Day on Sunday, at our Veterans Monument.
This was the first year my Grandfather was not there to lay the wreath for
his Amvets Post #34 (which has been named after him since
his passing). His good friend Jack, is the new Commander and
he placed the wreath this year. As always there was spirited patriotic music
and somber thoughts of our fallen veterans. This year Mayor Bill Neary
also issued a Proclamation honoring my Grandfather. It was very moving.
Between the heat and the high emotion, my Grandmother had an episode requiring
the paramedics to treat her with oxygen.
She was fine and after the ceremony our family declined the free hot dogs and ice cream
in the gazebo and headed over to our house for a picnic my Aunt and I had prepared.
We had a good time being together and talking about Grandpa.
The town's Art Commission will stage a showing of his paintings in remembrance
and celebration of his work in the Autumn at our local library.

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