Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Has Science Girl Found a Soul Mate?

Friend's of ours kindly invited us to picnic on Monday
and Princess happily played with their little boy
and the two little boys who live next door to them.
Princess enjoys seeing all these children, but has found a bit of
a "science soul mate" in one of the children from next door.They played in the pool
and on the swing set and ate together and then Princess serenaded us with her song about corn, to which this little boy said,"you should go on
American Idol, you sing really pretty!"
They also share a great love of nature.
Last time we were there, he brought over a fossil from his collection to show her,
this time he told her all about his new "fly trapper" plant (a Venus Fly Trap).
Princess was very excited when he came back over (after leaving for his bath),
with the plant in tow. Of course she wants one now.
The day which had been a very long one, ended badly with Princess
throwing a fit of epic proportions! I was so embarrassed! I kept thinking,
"I've seen this happen on T.V." It was entirely my fault, of course, because I
decided we could join them for a lovely evening on a day that already saw
Princess wake up sick with a tummy ache at 3 am from too much food and hot sun
and a lunch and movie date with my niece and her boyfriend to see Shrek 3 after
breakfast with out of town relatives.
Clearly, I should have said "we'll have to take a rain check." instead of allowing
our "grumpiness" rain on their picnic!


Angela, MotherCrone said...

Oh well! At least you will all have something to laugh about next time when she is feeling better.. Very fun...and know that science girl may just keep going in that direction as Girlie has. She was babysitting today and let the little boy bring toads into the wading pool with them! ;)

nina said...

Aren't you so proud of your "science girl?" How did it all happen. You should write about your secret methods. :) The photo of Princess with the boy is darling.

Patience said...

I love the photo, it is like something you'd see in an education magazine or advertising a Steiner school.

I'm so glad Princess has met a kindred spirit.

Don't worry about the tantrum. Most parents have btdt. And good friends will understand its just tiredness and not give it another thought. Besides, it sounds like the picnic was wonderful and happy for most of the time.

Mariposa said...

That is an adorable photo.

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks Gals!
A- I'm can only hope that P turns out
even a bit like Girlie !
N- LOL, I think it may be all the NOVA she has watched with her Dad!
P- Thanks, my friend said the same as you..btdt.
M- Thank you too.
I really appreciate all of your comments as I babble on about our days! ;-)

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Plato said...

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