Friday, May 11, 2007

Getting ready for the weekend

I am trying to get all the winter clothes and curtains washed and put away
and all the spring/summer clothes and curtains washed and put away and hopefully
it will all get done before the seasons change back.
Princess has been very busy as well.
Playing,learning, are a couple of pictures of what she's been up to while
I try to get the house clean.


Kaber said...

What is that Playdought thing? a terrarium?


one day I will decorate this house.....

nina said...

Cute photos. Is it gross to admit that I don't actually get around to washing all my winter clothes before they are sort of put away? Can you all see the glass mason jar labeled magnetic letter?. You are so organized. Can you come to my house?

Kate in NJ said...

K- It's a "play doh" product to store
your "craft" without drying it out.
They make a big one with a light, which my dd covets, but this one was $1.99 and works well to "save" the masterpiece until Dad gets home.

N- Actually it's a plastic mayo jar.
I love them and beg people for them all the time,lol.
You are too funny!

Heather said...

Thats funny about the mayo jars, I tend to use the dole pineapple chunk jars.LOL

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Plato said...

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